Prophecy for Youth Ministry Website

Colored photograph of young people, sitting on hill , facing setting sun in background. Youth ministry.

A word to young believers about this  prophecy for youth ministry

Why design  a prophecy for youth ministry?

  • Because prophecy will affect you the most. Why is that? Let me explain.
  • Even if the Lord’s return is close ( and it is), the energy of young people is vital to any congregation.
  • If the Lord returns for us while you are  in the early part of your life, you still will  need to give an account.
  • We are to redeem the time and, younger people, you  can do this in very special and effective ways.
  • I have observed many good prophetic ministries but I had a burden to get the Word out to those of you who are in the best position to allow it to direct your lives.
  • So many misconceptions are robbing congregations of focus and effectiveness in soul winning. The prophetic Word is there to direct and encourage. It can and does have practical application, helping us not to squander our time and resources.

God willing, I hope to provide a regular blog on relevant subjects that concern you, as a young believer, as well as articles of mine that I believe will be helpful and perhaps challenging.

As a guest preacher, I would obey the pastor’s wishes and be a positive and constructive influence. This should be so in person or remotely on the internet. You will see my premillennial convictions on this website and, if your pastor does not agree with me, you need to remember that it is he who guards your soul. You should submit to him, in all good conscience, before the Lord.

A word to pastors about this prophecy for youth ministry

If you are concerned (and you should be) about what your young people are reading, let me assure you that I greatly desire this prophecy for youth  ministry to be in support of your God-given responsibilities. I have been horrified by the lack of pastoral ethics that some ministries have exhibited. Though I am a Baptist, I intend to do my best to avoid topics that are not my concern or responsibility as I am not at all trying to remotely pastor any believers. If this ministry helps to open up the timely relevance of prophetic scriptures to the youth from any denominational background, then I have been successful in my intent.

About Pastor Aaron

  • Baptist pastor-evangelist and theological graduate, specializing in biblical prophecy and the secular evidence of a coming world government.
  • Saved from the world as a young adult after experiencing the reality of the fallen state in the rock music industry, business and the recreational drug scene.
  • Evangelism and preaching gifts were obvious at an early stage in his life as a believer.
  • Taught Sunday School in an ethnic congregation and busied himself in personal evangelism as he waited for doors to be opened.
  • Became a theological graduate at a time of rising apostasy, but would not compromise, continually exposing doctrinal error and placarding the prophetic scriptures.
  • During his studies, presented his first public lecture on the topic, The New World Order and Globalization.
  • Rejects religious fashions, instead basing his ministry on a steadfast belief in the power of the timeless Word of God..
  • “Rightly dividing the Word” and demonstrating the Bible’s contemporary relevance.
  • Contributed to a number of prophecy magazines, with his insights proving to be correct – the outbreak of the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon War and massive recent arms sales to the Middle East.
  • Has a burden for young Christians during an age of turmoil on the earth – to fortify them with the Word of God that they may please their Savior to the utmost.
  • Has been studying, for decades,  all aspects of the 250 year old Satanic conspiracy to form a world government. This has actually aided in his personal conversion to be saved from his sins.
  • Known for his original humor and public speaking ability.
  • Planning for a number of new and extensive ministries, of which Prophecy for Youth is the first.