Prophecies and Youth

How are prophecies and youth connected? Christian youth need bible prophecy because prophecy affects you most!

One flesh – All flesh – 1 Timothy 4:3

Does the Bible warn about an undermining of biblical marriage – “one flesh” – and dietary freedom? Discover current ‘false church’ trends in this direction.
Watch short video here. For a more detailed coverage of the topic,read the blog post.

Fiery Torch in the Sheaves

The situation for Israel is critical – will she now become that “fiery torch in the sheaves”?
Zechariah 12 : 6
Watch video here or read blog post.

Strike Now With the Gospel

Being aware of biblical prophecy keeps you aware of God’s priorities.

Short Videos ( 1 min approx.) based on blog post: Rapture Rap. Is the Rapture a Good Thing?

Rapture Rap. Part 1

Rapture Rap. Part 2

Rapture Rap. Part 3

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy