Rapture Rap. Is the Rapture a Good Thing?

Is the Rapture a good thing? If you really , I mean, really understand the state of the world today, you would be hoping that there is a way out. Politically and technologically, there is no way out because the Tribulation is about God’s demand for holiness in His Universe.

After the Lord closes the Church Age, He will send judgments on the earth for 7 years. But the members of Christ’s Church, having been forgiven, will escape God’s wrath.A colored illustration representing the Lord Jesus Christ descending from Heaven and believers being caught up in the clouds. Is the Rapture a good thing?

Is the Rapture a good thing? There’s a rescue plan because the Church is not appointed to wrath and that’s a really good thing!

“Rapture” is a technical name, just like “eschatology” is the technical term for the study of the end times. The Bible refers to it as “the blessed hope.” Christian teachers sometimes call it a ‘secret’ rapture, because it happens so quickly.

The remains of the saints who have died are resurrected; those buried and even those who have been blown apart in war, rejoined with their spirits from heaven in the air.A colored photograph of rows of white headstones at a war cemetery with trees in the background. Is the Rapture a good thing?

Then, the best part for us, what billions upon billions never experienced, we shall never die!
Is the Rapture a good thing? Of course! People have been trying to avoid death since the fall of man.

So, consider that you may be almost instantly in the presence of Christ at any time.

Makes you question your priorities, doesn’t it?

If you have come across this teaching before, you may have been taught that it happens at a ‘half-way’ point in the 7-year Tribulation. There are reasons to believe this. It is certainly no difference to be concerned about.

A complete escape would be much better, though, and here’s why I believe that’s what it will be.

For one, the seven years of judgment is the final week in the Daniel prophecy. It’s the last period of Judaism before Christ’s physical return. That’s why it is the “gospel of the kingdom” that is preached, Jewish evangelists in the book of Revelation and a Jewish temple built.

Colored photograph of a model of the second Jewish temple. White stone with gold trimming. Is the Rapture a good thing?
It’s only a model

All very Jewish, don’t you think? No need to grab your Levis and a bagel, though.

A colored photograph of a Neon Sign in red with white-outlined lettering,saying "Fresh Baked Bagels". Is the Rapture a good thing?
Just thinking about them makes me hungry.
You won’t be here. No Church in sight!

So, no need to be arguing with Jews about the need for a temple – “Isn’t the Church a spiritual temple made up of believers?”

What would the Jewish evangelists be teaching? They won’t be teaching that people are sealed with the Holy Spirit when they are saved, because they won’t be.

Being saved will once again be like it was under the Jewish law. People who disobey God in this period and take the “mark of the Beast” will be hell bound.

Is the Rapture a good thing? Yes, because it spares us from having to suffer during the Tribulation and under the reign of Antichrist.

As the Apostle Paul goes to great length to explain in the book of Hebrews, the new covenant of God with His Church is just so much better. So, knowing this, let’s get motivated about the lost; make a list of those whom you could reach with the ‘better’ gospel today!

Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series was helpful, but, for the sake of the story, it painted a bit brighter picture. There’s not much hope , the way I read the Bible, for those who reject God now.

So, don’t worry about what may happen in the future as far as what you might face.
Be brave today and share the Savior’s gospel, because that’s the only real challenge you may have to face.

Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth,

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War Graves
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Second Jewish Temple
By Xsteadfastx (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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