A new eugenics – killing the sick and vulnerable?

Charlie Gard refused treatment – evidence of a new eugenics?

Is the latest attack on parental rights a sign of a new eugenics?

Black and white passport portrait photograph of Josef Mengele, with mustache and dark hair, wearing dark suit and tie.A new eugenics.
Nazi Eugenicist Doctor Josef Mengele

Young baby, Charlie Gard, has died after British and European Union courts denied him treatment in the United States.

Though his parents raised over one million British pounds , their wishes to have Charlie given experimental treatment were overruled. Not only that, little Charlie was not even allowed to die at home.

Was this some kind of mistake or can poor little Charlie be counted among the many victims of a new eugenics?

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Trump Before the Lord’s Trump

Increasingly tumultuous times before the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am answering this hypothetical question: Where do you think we are at this point regarding the Rapture and the Second Coming, Pastor Aaron?
With the success of Donald Trump,the Lord has thrown a big spanner in the works for

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