Mark from the East? – Rev 13:17

Prototype System for the Beast?

Artwork in tones of blue showing a mobile phone  with beams of light shining on a stylized face. Mark from the East. China’s new ‘social credit score’ system is looking like it has prophetic potential (practice makes perfect) – a mark from the East? So, apparently, having been given most of the world’s manufacturing is not enough. Nor is it enough to have built the biggest armed forces of all time. Now, China is employing this ‘mark from the East’ on her own population. Could this be the model from which the real “mark of the beast” will come?

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What is a Globalist?

What, or better still, who, is a Globalist?

A play showing the current American president murdered; politicians and organizations calling for violence – why?

Revolutions like the French, Russian, Chinese, etc, have been funded and planned by outside vested interests.

The vested interests today are globalistA colored photograph of a pair of hands painted blue with a map of the world painted over some of the fingers and part of the palms.The word

– financiers, politicians and academics – and the most prominent target today is Donald Trump, a nationalist.

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