Immorality Psyop – Rev 9:21 – Attack on Western society

A psychological warfare operation

3 colored photographs in a grid. Portraits of Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra on either side of colored photograph of a computer server. Text superimposed saying "Victim?" on each portrait and a large question mark on the server photograph. Immorality psyop.

Pornography is an immorality psyop. It is rife on the Internet, but, even though it includes child sexual abuse, it is not removed. Facial recognition software can identify any human facial image posted, but something as harmful as pornography can’t be banned? It all sounds like a sick joke and perhaps it is – but much more than that. Pornography is a psyop (psychological warfare operation) to undermine Judaeo-Christian civilization.

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Kim Jong-Un in Bible Prophecy?

Kim Jong-Un: Chinese Puppet Theater

Kim Jong-Un, like his father before him, is kept in power for political reasons but is Kim Jong-Un in bible prophecy?

Colored photograph of Kim Jong-Un with an older man beside him and a young man behind him. He is looking and pointing at something. Is Kim Jong-Un in bible prophecy?
Kim Jong-Un
He is just a puppet, someone to fight over, someone to heat up the Cold War. Sounds simplistic but that’s about it.

Like Castro’s Cuba, Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea is not a financial reality; it’s propped up with foreign cash.

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Partly Strong, Partly Weak

Ukraine and its place in the future rule of the Antichrist.

10 regions.

What is the place of Ukraine in the future rule of the Antichrist? The tensions that exist in Ukraine, sitting as it does between the world powers, Russia and the European Union, picture the situation that will soon take over the whole world under the rule of the Antichrist

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