Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Historical Evil Revived

Colored photograph of stone relief showing ancient Assyrian deity. This is a humanoid with wings and eagle's head. Future Assyrian - Isaiah 10.

One of the names for the Antichrist is “the Assyrian”, but he is the future Assyrian. There are a number of influential world leaders today who come from the area of that ancient empire known as Assyria.

Is the prophecy of a type of person or of the racial origin of the Antichrist? There are two strong leaders today who just might fit these descriptions.

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Israel Embraces NATO – Next Step A Covenant? Daniel 9

Israel Embraces NATO

Colored photographs of a tattered Israeli flag flying in front of old stone battlement and of a round-table meeting with a royal blue carpet in the middle, embossed with the NATO star. Israel embraces NATO.
In a move designed to counter Iranian aggression, Israel embraces NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) by opening a permanent office with the treaty organization. NATO is a European alliance from Cold War days. This alliance is based on mutual defense of member states against any attack.

However, it is another European unity treaty, and hence brings Israel into a closer relationship with Europe. Attempting to protect herself, Israel associates herself with the power that will soon be her deadliest enemy.

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Merkel Rejected – Kurz Elected – The willful king expected

Political Turmoil Before the Willful King – Daniel 11 : 36

3 Panels Side by Side. 1. Colored photograph of Angela Merkel with the word "Rejected" across it. 2. Colored photograph of Sebastian Kurz, with the word "Elected" across it. 3. Colored photograph of a white horse's head representing the willful king "rider of the white horse" from Revelation 6 : 2

Angela Merkel received a voter backlash in Germany and Austria elected Europe’s youngest ever leader, Sebastian Kurz. Many people are happy, but, in reality, there is much political turmoil and disunity. This all points to a vacuum that will be filled by a coming strong ruler, the rider of the white horse, the willful king (Daniel 11:36).

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A new eugenics – killing the sick and vulnerable?

Charlie Gard refused treatment – evidence of a new eugenics?

Is the latest attack on parental rights a sign of a new eugenics?

Black and white passport portrait photograph of Josef Mengele, with mustache and dark hair, wearing dark suit and tie.A new eugenics.
Nazi Eugenicist Doctor Josef Mengele

Young baby, Charlie Gard, has died after British and European Union courts denied him treatment in the United States.

Though his parents raised over one million British pounds , their wishes to have Charlie given experimental treatment were overruled. Not only that, little Charlie was not even allowed to die at home.

Was this some kind of mistake or can poor little Charlie be counted among the many victims of a new eugenics?

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