200 million horsemen – Revelation 9 – A cloned army?

God-hating Science

Colored photograph of row upon row of robotic and precise Chinese soldiers of identical height in dark green uniform with gold stripes, white gloves and peaked caps and assault rifles with polished bayonets. 200 million horsemen.China has successfully cloned a pair of macaque monkeys. It states that these are only a possible source for medical research animals. But could these experiments lead to the creation of 200 million horsemen or mobile troops?

Monkeys are used in human disease research, but a cloned army is an obvious future application of the science. Primates to humans is a logical progression of the technology that produced the cloned sheep, Dolly, in the early 2000’s.

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Spiritual Battle Group

Why form a spiritual battle group?

There are far too many evil wars for profit, so let’s all get involved in a spiritual battle group and “fight the good fight”!

Colored photograph of an infantryman holding an assault rifle.Symbolic of Spiritual Battle Group member
Gung-ho for lost souls.

For a Christian, nothing is more exciting than helping to bring a person to salvation. In God’s strength, we can help others throw off the binds of death in sin under Satan’s grip.

Now we know that the gospel is the focal point of the attack, we need to gather our forces and , especially in our youth,
make war continuously for the souls of the lost.

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