“Rumors of Wars” Matthew 24:6 – Gas Or Fog of War?

Rumors of Wars: United States Strikes Syria – Again!

Color photograph of a U.S. warship firing a Tomahawk cruise missile at night. Bridge of warship is gray, silhouetted by white yellow exhaust of missile. Rumors of wars.

Just when it looked like President Trump was pulling U.S. forces out of the nation of Syria, he ordered another missile strike there – “rumors of wars”? Western nations accused President al Assad of a chemical weapons attack, but Russia said it was a fake. The Saudis were talking about sending troops.

Is all of this just co-incidence or is there a motive behind all these “rumors of wars”, all these conflicting statements and actions?

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Syria to blame?

Syria to blame? How far back do you want to go?

No nation is really innocent in this fallen world, not before God anyway.
Colored photograph of soldier in chemical warfare protective gear, aiming a weapon. Syria to blame?

This latest news is all about energy wealth, but, as it’s America versus Russia behind the scenes, you don’t hear much about it in the news media. The media doesn’t report the whole story, as it may make their side look bad.

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