Waves Roaring Through Europe – Luke 21

Waves Roaring Through Europe

Colored photograph of warship in rough seas. Waves roaring through Europe.

There are waves roaring through Europe and the continent is in an uproar – from France to Britain, from Italy to Germany, disunity and strife. Is this a sign that the united Europe experiment is doomed or is this a storm before a deadly calm? Or, in other words, will the prophesied cure be worse than the European complaint?

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Immorality Psyop – Rev 9:21 – Attack on Western society

A psychological warfare operation

3 colored photographs in a grid. Portraits of Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra on either side of colored photograph of a computer server. Text superimposed saying "Victim?" on each portrait and a large question mark on the server photograph. Immorality psyop.

Pornography is an immorality psyop. It is rife on the Internet, but, even though it includes child sexual abuse, it is not removed. Facial recognition software can identify any human facial image posted, but something as harmful as pornography can’t be banned? It all sounds like a sick joke and perhaps it is – but much more than that. Pornography is a psyop (psychological warfare operation) to undermine Judaeo-Christian civilization.

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Israel Embraces NATO – Next Step A Covenant? Daniel 9

Israel Embraces NATO

Colored photographs of a tattered Israeli flag flying in front of old stone battlement and of a round-table meeting with a royal blue carpet in the middle, embossed with the NATO star. Israel embraces NATO.
In a move designed to counter Iranian aggression, Israel embraces NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) by opening a permanent office with the treaty organization. NATO is a European alliance from Cold War days. This alliance is based on mutual defense of member states against any attack.

However, it is another European unity treaty, and hence brings Israel into a closer relationship with Europe. Attempting to protect herself, Israel associates herself with the power that will soon be her deadliest enemy.

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