Hezbollah Targets Israel. War in Lebanon?

Hezbollah Targets Israel with Missiles.

For a number of years now, Israel has been warning Hezbollah in Lebanon that it will respond to any attack ferociously. Hezbollah targets Israel and has continued to re-arm since the 2006 war and has tried to get high-tech anti-aircraft missiles via Syria.

Colored photograph of Fateh-110 missile being launched, leaving behind flame, smoke and dust, in a flat, desert area
Fateh-110 guided missile, Hezbollah’s ‘game-changing’ weapon.

Israel had some serious casualties in that war and is determined that the next will be a decisive victory. She has told the southern Lebanese population to leave when hostilities break out and has destroyed arms convoys coming from Syria, with weapons that could threaten her air force.

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France in Prophetic Scriptures?

Marine Le Pen Splits Europe

Whether she wins or not, Marine Le Pen has split Europe with her call for French independence. Later in this post, we will answer the question, “Is France in prophetic scriptures?” Colored photograph of Marine Le Pen on a dais at a political rally, with right arm outstretched and French flags in the background. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

The non-elected European Parliament has severely undermined the independence of European nations with regulations about

  • trade
  • environmental issues
  • national security
  • open borders
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    Kim Jong-Un in Bible Prophecy?

    Kim Jong-Un: Chinese Puppet Theater

    Kim Jong-Un, like his father before him, is kept in power for political reasons but is Kim Jong-Un in bible prophecy?

    Colored photograph of Kim Jong-Un with an older man beside him and a young man behind him. He is looking and pointing at something. Is Kim Jong-Un in bible prophecy?
    Kim Jong-Un
    He is just a puppet, someone to fight over, someone to heat up the Cold War. Sounds simplistic but that’s about it.

    Like Castro’s Cuba, Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea is not a financial reality; it’s propped up with foreign cash.

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    Satan 101

    Satan : the adversary of the Church.

    Colored paining depicting Christ rebuking Satan with the words "receive the scroll" in gold lettering
    The time is now close for Satan to be bound and the world to be judged for sin.

    Yet he is still the adversary of the Church while the Lord is in Heaven.

    He is a dangerous enemy who needs to be treated with respect.

    Not for what he is or for what he does, but that you do not underestimate him and that you ‘know your enemy’ to be victorious over him in Christ.

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