Waves Roaring Through Europe – Luke 21

Waves Roaring Through Europe

Colored photograph of warship in rough seas. Waves roaring through Europe.

There are waves roaring through Europe and the continent is in an uproar – from France to Britain, from Italy to Germany, disunity and strife. Is this a sign that the united Europe experiment is doomed or is this a storm before a deadly calm? Or, in other words, will the prophesied cure be worse than the European complaint?

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France in Prophetic Scriptures?

Marine Le Pen Splits Europe

Whether she wins or not, Marine Le Pen has split Europe with her call for French independence. Later in this post, we will answer the question, “Is France in prophetic scriptures?” Colored photograph of Marine Le Pen on a dais at a political rally, with right arm outstretched and French flags in the background. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

The non-elected European Parliament has severely undermined the independence of European nations with regulations about

  • trade
  • environmental issues
  • national security
  • open borders
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