“Rumors of Wars” Matthew 24:6 – Gas Or Fog of War?

Rumors of Wars: United States Strikes Syria – Again!

Color photograph of a U.S. warship firing a Tomahawk cruise missile at night. Bridge of warship is gray, silhouetted by white yellow exhaust of missile. Rumors of wars.

Just when it looked like President Trump was pulling U.S. forces out of the nation of Syria, he ordered another missile strike there – “rumors of wars”? Western nations accused President al Assad of a chemical weapons attack, but Russia said it was a fake. The Saudis were talking about sending troops.

Is all of this just co-incidence or is there a motive behind all these “rumors of wars”, all these conflicting statements and actions?

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God’s Final Warning?

God’s Final Warning? – Trump At The U.N.

Could this speech really be God’s final warning?
The address delivered by President Trump at the United Nations certainly had the content of a divine warning.

Colored photograph of President Donald Trump giving a speech with right hand raised. Below are 3 identical pictures of the United Nations General Assembly lectern. This is gold in color with the United Nations symbol on it.

As I have discussed previously, the Lord does not need to use only the saved to bring about His will.

Whether the President is a genuine believer or just respectful of American Christian values, he has been moved to speak.

I believe this because of two of the main points that President Trump made in his speech and the venue where he chose to argue them.

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Partly Strong, Partly Weak

Ukraine and its place in the future rule of the Antichrist.

10 regions.

What is the place of Ukraine in the future rule of the Antichrist? The tensions that exist in Ukraine, sitting as it does between the world powers, Russia and the European Union, picture the situation that will soon take over the whole world under the rule of the Antichrist

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