Immorality Psyop – Rev 9:21 – Attack on Western society

A psychological warfare operation

3 colored photographs in a grid. Portraits of Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra on either side of colored photograph of a computer server. Text superimposed saying "Victim?" on each portrait and a large question mark on the server photograph. Immorality psyop.

Pornography is an immorality psyop. It is rife on the Internet, but, even though it includes child sexual abuse, it is not removed. Facial recognition software can identify any human facial image posted, but something as harmful as pornography can’t be banned? It all sounds like a sick joke and perhaps it is – but much more than that. Pornography is a psyop (psychological warfare operation) to undermine Judaeo-Christian civilization.

Well Before the Internet

Colored portrait of Marie Antoinette in large brimmed  hat with feather plumes and an off-white dress with puffed sleeves. She is holding a rose. Immorality psyop.
Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, executed after her reputation was destroyed.

Such immorality psyops have been used for hundreds of years, and pornography is not removed from the Net as it is part of the latest attack. People have always been attacked by slander and innuendo, but the first organized immorality psyop happened during the French Revolution (1789 – 1799). Filthy artwork depicting Marie Antoinette was distributed to the people. The characters in the artwork also included foreign dignitaries, possible enemies to France, so treason was also implied. The average person had seen nothing like this before and it helped turn the French population against their queen. This, along with the other measures taken by the Jacobin secret societies, brought about the Revolution.

European Royalty Attacked

It is said that Britain was behind the French Revolution, but the later Russian Bolshevik Revolution (1917) was engineered by bankers, the forerunners of today’s globalist elite. They attacked the tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia, and her four daughters, in pornographic artwork, distributed to the mostly uneducated Russian peasants.

Colored portrait of a young Tsarina Alexandra, wearing a tiara, pearls, evening dress and fur-trimmed coat. Immorality psyop.
A young Tsarina Alexandra, who was brutally shot to death with her children after a sustained immorality psyop.

From Russia – Without Love

The tsarina was also attacked due to the royal family’s consultations with the Orthodox monk, Rasputin, regarding the seriously ill heir to the throne. It seemed that the monk could cure this boy, who was born a hemophiliac, but, like all fake healings, there was no permanent recovery. There is no evidence of any immorality having taken place between the tsarina and the mystic, but Rasputin did influence the tsar politically. Sadly, the royal family accepted non-biblical prophetic and ‘miracle-working’ legends associated with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Black and white propaganda art work, showing an evil  Grigory Rasputin towering over miniature caricatures of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra. Rasputin is depicted with one hand around the tsarina. Immorality psyop.
Russian Communist propaganda, alleging the real ruler of the country was Rasputin. Note Rasputin’s hand on the tsarina, one of the subtlest suggestions of immorality against her.


The next attack on the West came through Communist agents during the ‘Cold War’ period. As all the Communist states are creations of the elite globalist bankers, it is really not surprising. Major criminal organizations also played a part as, at the very top, the elite globalists control these, too, to a large degree. Paid political agents also gradually lowered the standards of censorship and legal support for Judaeo-Christian morality. In addition, false statistics are also published to weaken the population’s reasoning about the obvious dangers of sexual immorality.

Immorality Psyop = War Waged Against You

The globalists target you, as young people, because they think that your lack of life experience makes you most vulnerable. So-called ‘sex education’ is offered, but the underlying message is “break God’s Law”.
With the coming of the Internet, however, the pornographic psyop accelerated greatly. Now most people don’t have to seek out pornography; it is available in many family homes, wherever there is a computer connected up to the Internet. On a national level, along with easily available abortions, the psyop is designed to undermine biblical marriage. Fornication and adultery actually lower the birth rate, helping support the bankers’ false claims of the dire need for expanding economies. A shrinking population is the excuse for large scale immigration by cultures that are hostile to Christianity. You can see this plan being put into action right now in Europe.

Black and white photograph of Tsarina Alexandra with her children, Rasputin and the governess. All are wearing white garments. Immorality psyop.
The reality – a desperate mother with an extremely ill son. Tsarina Alexandra (far right) with her children, Rasputin and the governess.

On a personal level, the immorality psyop is targeted to foster discontent and anxiety, incite lust and promote ungodly behavior. The Lord Jesus Christ warns you about these sins because the end of these things is death; it is the fruit of destruction. If you want to know anything about sexual relations in marriage or about your own body, ask a doctor. Doctors study the human body in their training, dissecting bodies bequeathed to medical universities, so they really know the reality of physical relationships. But if you want to know anything about the Lord Jesus’ righteous commands, consult your Bible.

Disinformation Propaganda

Pornography spreads lies about the human body, including the biggest lie of all, that people will never be accountable for their sins, sexual or otherwise

. God only ever regards sexual relations as part of marriage, but when it becomes a separate issue it becomes perverse. Vanity and lies are always involved because of sinful human nature and it becomes a very destructive addition to the “pride of life”. Don’t get caught in this psyop trap – Satan’s circus of the damned, with people being demonically bound over and over again, as the scriptures warn. As someone who was saved as an adult, I can tell you that most unbelievers have to be drunk because such very personal acts are not at all natural outside the exclusivity of marriage.

Victorious with the “Mind of Christ”

Colored photograph of computer servers  - dark blue with grid patterns of white lights. Scripture verse superimposed. "For who has the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?" But we have the mind of Christ. I Corinthians 2:16. Immorality psyop.

Pornography and sexual relations outside of marriage are no answer to anything.The Scriptures are clear that these sins will increase until the Rapture of the Church and peak during the Seven-Year Tribulation. If you have fallen into any of these sins, confess this to God, or there might be future consequences.

Keep yourself pure so the Lord Jesus can use you to spread His gospel in these last days. Never allow yourself to be tempted by other young people, avoiding dangerous situations. One must flee from such sin, as Joseph did. Rasputin was taught to allow contact with such sin to build up resistance. It is a satanic falsehood – not in the Bible! Rasputin could not resist sexual sin, and his sinful practices did not protect him from his murderers.

Pastor Aaron,
Prophecy for Youth Ministry

Image Credits

1.Marie Antoinette – [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
2.Tsarina Alexandra – [Public domain ], via Wikimedia Commons
3.Server – Creative Commons Zero – CC0.
4.Alexandra with children, Rasputin, governess – [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
5.Caricature of Rasputin and the imperial couple – [Public domain] Created: About 1916, before Rasputin’s death

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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