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Ukraine and its place in the future rule of the Antichrist.

10 regions.

What is the place of Ukraine in the future rule of the Antichrist? The tensions that exist in Ukraine, sitting as it does between the world powers, Russia and the European Union, picture the situation that will soon take over the whole world under the rule of the Antichrist

The Bible says that the world will soon be divided into 10 political zones of influence (kingdoms).

As the toes on the statue that arose before King Nebuchadnezzar in his dream (Daniel chapter 2) reveal, there will be an evil world government in the last days. Yet this New World Order will be riddled with flaws and will not be allowed to last very long.

Map of the world divided into 10 kingdoms (regions) each region colored differently and numbered 1 to 10

A brief history.

Historically, Ukraine has often found itself pressured by surrounding nations. A principality in the 11th and 12th centuries, its capital Kyiv (Kiev) is known as the mother of Russian cities. In the 14th century Poland and Lithuania both took large areas of the nation, but resistance by Ukraine’s Cossacks saw most of the nation come under Russian control by 1793.

Colored painting of Cossack horsemen wielding weapons

The western region, Galicia now under the control of the Austrian Empire, remained divided but this long period did not put an end to Ukrainian desires for independence.

A changing map.

With the Communist Bolshevik Revolution (1917) Ukraine established itself as independent, with Galicia attempting to rejoin with the rest of the country in 1918. The victorious allies of the First World War, however, ceded Galicia to Poland. It was not reunited until Poland was divided by military force under the German Nazi / Russian Socialist non-aggression pact at the beginning of the Second World War.

Outlne map of Ukraine with red area designating the location of Galicia
Red area designates location of Galicia

Coloured detailed map of Ukraine showing various regions

Before this, Ukrainian people would suffer terribly under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, with harsh relocations to large communal farms and a deliberately created famine, which killed up to 10 million people.

Ukrainians were hopeful that the Nazi invasion might lead to independence but the nation again suffered, even though large numbers of Cossacks fought alongside German forces.

Ukraine’s current tensions.

Ukraine’s current problems started with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the country’s newfound independence in 1991.

Joining the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Ukraine continued to keep close relations with Russia, especially regarding the economy, energy and defense.

The Crimea
Colored map of the Crimea had always been an area of tensions, transferring to Ukrainian control in 1954 but becoming an autonomous republic in 1991.
Colored photograph of Sevastopol harbour with several naval ships in foreground and buildings, houses and trees in background.

Of great importance to Russia is the port of Sevastopol, the home base of the Black Sea Fleet. Although not always free of ice, with the port of Sevastopol, Russia can easily move its naval strength towards the Middle East.

From a military point of view, it has been obvious that Ukraine and Russia would not be equals as nations. With Ukrainian independence, the 350 ships of the Black Sea Fleet were to be divided yet Ukraine ended up with a very small navy, which has aided Russian aggression.

Ukraine also possessed a large number of nuclear weapons as well as a missile assembly site. However, by 2002, Ukraine had no nuclear offensive weapons due to the START arms reduction treaty between Russia and the United States. Ukraine’s reliance on Russian energy has also proved to be another source of external pressure on the country.

Insights from biblical prophecy about the Antichrist.

From a prophetic point of view, Scripture is clear that the future world government under the Antichrist (the Beast) will have 10 regions or kingdoms. A horn represents a world power, or an individual that represents a power. Scripture continually depicts the reign of the Beast as being in a time of 10 world regions.

Painting depicting a beast with horns and a scepter and people looking at him in awe
In Daniel 7:6 the Beast has 10 horns, as also does the Beast of Revelation 17:7, 17:12 and 17:16.

The 10 toes of the statue in Daniel 2:41-42 gives us some more information, that the 10 powers will have attributes of great strength but will also have certain significant weaknesses, hence the iron and the clay.

In the next verse the interpretation gives more detail. It seems that the power of the Antichrist’s rule will touch all people (Daniel 2:43) but that some previous geo-political loyalties and identities will remain.

In other words, in spite of all the attempts to merge the nations under the Beasts’ rule, it will not be a complete success. There will still be striving with and between the kingdoms, like iron and clay when mixed, they will not really bond strongly or do so only superficially (weakly).

The Club of Rome.

Of great interest to our generation was the public announcement in 1968 of a previously semi-secret group called the Club of Rome. Made up of elite scientists, economists and industrialists, this ‘think tank’ started a very influential campaign about ‘sustainability” concerns around the world with their then, very high-tech, computer modeling.

They warned of overpopulation and resources running out, and they predicted famines, pollution and the upheavals in society that would come about as a result of these problems.

Black background-picture of the globe inside a white circle with the countries in white and the oceans in black. In large white capitals the words "The Club of Rome&quot
The Club of Rome logo

The Club of Rome has continued up to this day and its influence on the world can be seen in the policies of the United Nations such as Global 2000 and Agenda 21.

No matter what the problem, the Club of Rome always sees the solution in the form of global governance and the destruction of sovereign and democratic nation states.

By 1973 the Club of Rome had developed what they called a Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System. Their plan for the survival of the planet is a world split into 10 regions under a One World Government.

In the following years many, many groups have been working towards this goal at all levels of influence, including such prominent groups as Greenpeace and secretive groups such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

It is obvious from a number of Scriptures that there will be tensions between the Beast and the 10 horns or regions (kingdoms) being represented by the clay in the 10 toes. With the world rushing to implement the10 regions plan at this time, even prior to the 7 year Tribulation, tensions will certainly arise.

Ukraine is in the Club of Rome’s region 5, with the rest of the ex-Soviet Union and Eastern European nations. Ukraine’s interest in joining the European Union,if successful, would place it within region 2, Western Europe. Though many Ukrainian people desired a future with Europe, Russia has kept to the plan in using whatever it can to keep Ukraine in region 5.

This can be seen in the internal politics within Ukraine since her independence. Pro-Russian presidents such as Leonid Kuchma, Anatolii Kinakh and Viktor Yanukovych have enjoyed strong support from Moscow.

Successful pro-European politicians, however, have suffered extreme pressure: Viktor Yushchenko poisoned by dioxin; Yulia Timoshenko jailed on dubious corruption charges. Russian and CIS leader, Vladimir Putin, is perfect for his role of keeping region 5 together, as ex (?) Communist and patriot, he finds himself controlling an area similar to the old Soviet Union (USSR).

Color photograph of Viktor Yuschenko, wearing glasses, seated at a table, before a microphone, holding a sheaf of papers
Viktor Yushchenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine

Although the West (U.S., E.U.) has been portrayed as the innocent party in the Ukrainian conflict, this is not completely true. The increasingly bankrupt Western world sees these ex-Communist states as an opportunity to derive wealth from the new markets for goods and services and as a source of cheap resources.

This should not be seen as the wishes of the Western populations but rather of the giant corporations with no loyalty to their home nations, who, on the whole, will not benefit.

To help this change from socialist type planned economies to supposedly Western type free enterprise economies, the United Nations has offered loans and expertise.

The United Nations uses these economic changes as one way of uniting the world for the future New World Order. The changes, implemented by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, are rapid and have been harsh on the Ukrainian population.

Black and white logo of stylized globe with the words, "The World Bank" in capitals below.

As a rule, the elected government has been ignored and non-governmental agencies (NGO’s) have distributed loans and advice on democratic change. Many have suffered as pensions have been reduced, medical care withdrawn and many have become unemployed with the closure of previously state-run industries.

Also, much of the finance has been directed towards areas that are subversive – more designed to destroy the society than improve it.

Ukraine received a large amount of aid when compared to other ex-Soviet nations but money was wasted on such things as feminist organizations. This was not widely welcomed by Ukrainian women who had previously experienced so-called ‘equality’ under socialism and found it highly undesirable! It was mainly elite and educated professional women who were attracted to these organizations because of the money being offered.

Russia viewed the 2004/5 Orange (Color) Revolution as Western interference, which was at least partly true.

Color photograph of scene in Kiev street. Police in riot gear standing behind barricade which is festooned with orange balloons. Building in background
Orange Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine.

Even under the current president, Petro Poroshenko, it is unlikely that Ukraine will be able to break from Russian influence.

Russia’s obvious military support and political co-ordination of the eastern separatist groups will probably end in a stalemate, and a strategic victory for Russia.

With the shooting down of a commercial Malaysian airline, the situation took on a more global significance. However, as Vladimir Putin was not excluded from the G20 Summit, it is obvious that continual global integration is considered more important, even though the host nation lost a number of innocent citizens!

The Antichrist and the Tribulation.

The little horn in Daniel, that has two eyes and boasts and blasphemes (Daniel 7:8, Daniel 11:36), represents Antichrist or the Beast. When he arises, he displaces three other horns or kingdoms. What exactly the process is we are not told in detail, but it is evidence of conflict between at least four of the 10 regions.

As Antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel in the middle of the Tribulation (Daniel 9:27) and therefore shows his satanic origin, it is highly likely that the pretext for the betrayal is conflict with the Russian region, that is displaced after its failed attack on Israel (Daniel 11:40-41).

The other likely adversaries of Antichrist, who rises out of the area of the old Roman Empire (European Union), are the King of the South (region 7) who attacks him (Dan 11:40), and the Kings of the East (region 10).

The Antichrist counter-attacks The King of the South, perhaps because Israel, having no allies in the Middle East. is actually aligned militarily with Europe at the time, due to the covenant.

China’s rise and desire to become the premier world power (region 10, also grouped with Mongolia, N. Korea and N. Vietnam) may also lead to the attack on the Middle East (Israel) in a desire to rival Antichrist as world ruler (Daniel 11:44, Revelation 16:12)

Whatever the actual reasons for the displacement of the three regions (horns), there will be continual conflict, as revealed in the original language (Revelation 16:14), during the whole Tribulation period.

Organizations like the Club of Rome are tools of the wealthy and powerful elite of the planet who see themselves as the rightful heirs to rule the world. Their world system is based partly on relations between like nations but also on the best way to control the world.

Using military alliances, global corporations, manipulation of governments and financial pressures, they continue to mold the world into their evil plan. They cheat, coerce, undermine, mislead and reward those willing to betray their own nation states.

The Club of Rome did not rule out deception in a 1991 publication. In the “The First Global Revolution” an environmental fear campaign, like the current ‘climate change’ scam, is a suggested tactic.

However, the Lord will allow them to bring their plans to fruition during the seven year Tribulation. In doing so, He will give them the world leader they desire, one that is completely evil and an appropriate reward for their blackened hearts. As the Scriptures say of Antichrist,

“His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; he shall destroy fearfully, and shall prosper and thrive; he shall destroy the mighty (emphasis. added) and also the holy people.” (Daniel 8:24)

Ukraine will not join with the European Union in any permanent way but will fulfill prophecy and place its backing behind the Northern Confederacy that attacks Israel (Ezekiel 38-39) in the middle of the Tribulation. It will have no choice in the matter. The Lord God says,

“I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out.” (Ezekiel 38:2)

God Himself will stop the attack on the mountains of Israel. (Ezekiel 39:4) At the end of the Tribulation, Ukraine will again send forces in her spiritual blindness to the great battle of Armageddon.

Though the Ukrainian people are captivated by images of Europe, the fact of the matter is that Europe is economically and spiritually dead. Europe’s desire to expand eastwards has more to do with her own problems than with any power to conquer.

There is no future in being a citizen of any nation state in this fallen world as the world is doomed. To the Ukrainians and all people, I say: the only future is to be a citizen of heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Aaron

Image Credits.

Map of 10 Regions:
Map of Crimea By Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (}
Map of Ukraine showing location of Galicia By Spiridon Ion Cepleanu – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


  1. Yes, the Ukraine finds itself betwixt and between, with one half of the population looking to Europe while the other half look toward Russia. Ukraine is certainly a hotbed of conflict; where East meets West. Where they feature at God’s appointed time will be very interesting. Great article!

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