Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Psalm 83?

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal?

Should Israel be worried about another arms sale to the Middle East?

Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Minister, has publicly expressed concern, as have other ministers in the Israeli Government.Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? A colored photograph of President Trump and Melania Trump, wearing a long magenta dress with cape, and Saudi King and other officials wearing white robes .

President Trump, hoping to stabilize the region and increase American employment in the process, has agreed to America once again arming Saudi Arabia.

Israel previously asked the U.S. not to sell F-15E fighter-bomber planes to the Saudis, but the U.S. went ahead anyway.
Israel also asked Egypt, with whom they had a long-standing peace agreement, why she needed such a large army.

Do you see a consistent theme here?

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Syria to blame?

Syria to blame? How far back do you want to go?

No nation is really innocent in this fallen world, not before God anyway.
Colored photograph of soldier in chemical warfare protective gear, aiming a weapon. Syria to blame?

This latest news is all about energy wealth, but, as it’s America versus Russia behind the scenes, you don’t hear much about it in the news media. The media doesn’t report the whole story, as it may make their side look bad.

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