Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Psalm 83?

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal?

Should Israel be worried about another arms sale to the Middle East?

Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Minister, has publicly expressed concern, as have other ministers in the Israeli Government.Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? A colored photograph of President Trump and Melania Trump, wearing a long magenta dress with cape, and Saudi King and other officials wearing white robes .

President Trump, hoping to stabilize the region and increase American employment in the process, has agreed to America once again arming Saudi Arabia.

Israel previously asked the U.S. not to sell F-15E fighter-bomber planes to the Saudis, but the U.S. went ahead anyway.
Israel also asked Egypt, with whom they had a long-standing peace agreement, why she needed such a large army.

Do you see a consistent theme here?

Middle East Region Primed for War

If I could pick one weapon to show you how primed for war the region is, it would be the tank.

The Middle East is rather devoid of forests and has large, open desert borders, with few insurmountable rivers or mountains to try to cross.

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Colored satellite photograph of Middle East countries, showing a dust storm over a central part of the region.Shows location of Jordan,Syria, Iraq, Turkey.
No trees or mountains make for big dust storms.

Except for the heat and sand, it is good terrain for tanks.(Tanks need to have expensive engine filters for desert operations.)

Israel’s traditional enemies, Egypt and Syria, have large tank forces, Egypt especially so.

Saudi Arabia has not been prominent in Arab wars with Israel but has financed wars behind the scenes and used oil price hikes against Israel’s western allies.

In the past, the U.S. has sold over 500 of the latest U.S. Abrams M1A2 tanks to Saudi Arabia.

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Colored photograph of moving sand-colored tank on dusty desert ground, wheeled armored personnel carrier in background.
Saudi state of the art U.S. M1A2.

She has sold the more simplified model to Egypt, who is hoping to update them to the higher standard. Egypt has as many as 1,130 M1A1’s, as well as many less advanced tanks.

Syria is the owner of less advanced Soviet T 72’s, but may receive some of the advanced T 90’s that the Russians are using.

The really interesting nation to me, the one that could tip the balance, is Jordan.

What part will Jordan play?

King Abdullah II, the king of Jordan, is a tank fanatic and builds wonderful models in brass.

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Colored photograph of King Abdullah II of Jordan, wearing a dark suit and red tie. He has a serious face, slightly open mouth and is raising his right hand.and
King Abdullah II of Jordan maintains a strong military.

He is no fool regarding equipping the Jordanian Army, purchasing 400 of Britain’s Challenger tanks and 350 of the older Chieftain tanks.

The Challenger is extremely potent, with advanced armor and a powerful gun.

Colored photograph of a side view of the fronts of lined-up Challenger tanks with Arabic script on the hulls. One fires with a great blast as two crewman on the ground observe.
Jordanian Challenger 1’s Gunnery Practice.

In the first Gulf War, none were lost in battle and it holds the record for the furthest ever hit on an opposing enemy tank.

Not content with this, King Abdullah hopes to modify them in future with a new gun and turret.
The older Chieftain was the world’s most powerful tank in its day and proved itself in the Iran-Iraq War.

Is Israel worried about Saudi arms deal?
With these powerful weapons on her doorstep already, Israel would certainly not underestimate any additions to her neighbors’ armories.

I believe that President Trump is doing his best, but circumstances will undermine his efforts.

Bible Prophecy and a regional Middle East War

This situation is brought about by sin in this fallen world.

It reminds me of Psalm 83 that mentions a regional war for Israel, that will include Jordan, who has been drawn into war previously.

I think it may happen just after the Rapture. That is, itself, very close, I believe.

So, now you know what might happen, what are you going to do about it?

Let me ask you something.

How is your personal battle for the souls of men going?
Are you sharing your faith with friends, family members, school or work mates, neighbors?

Get involved in a spiritual battle group while there’s still time.

Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

Image Credits

King of Jordan
By Chatham House (King Abdullah of Jordan) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Abrams M1A2
By Staff Sgt. Christopher McCullough [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Jordanian Challenger 1 Firing
By English: Sgt. Richard Blumenstein [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Satellite Map of Middle East
By NASA Earth Observatory/Aqua/MODIS/Jeff Schmaltz

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