Syria to blame?

Syria to blame? How far back do you want to go?

No nation is really innocent in this fallen world, not before God anyway.
Colored photograph of soldier in chemical warfare protective gear, aiming a weapon. Syria to blame?

This latest news is all about energy wealth, but, as it’s America versus Russia behind the scenes, you don’t hear much about it in the news media. The media doesn’t report the whole story, as it may make their side look bad.

Syria to blame? From whose perspective?

There is one nation that the Lord takes a very special interest in, especially regarding her enemies. And that is Israel. The Lord makes it quite clear in Scripture.
Syria had attacked Israel twice already by the 1970’s and, in 1973, on Judaism’s holiest day, Yom Kippur, Syria attacked Israel a third time.
Black and white photograph showing 5 tanks on the battlefield and one on its side  in a ditch with a low-flying plane nearby. Syria to blame? In one of the biggest tank battles of all time, Syria very nearly defeated Israel.

Bashar al-Assad came to power in Syria after his father in July, 2000.Colored map of Syria divided into 4 regions, showing Damascus, the capital. Syria to blame?

Not much later, in September 2007, the Syrians had almost completed a nuclear reactor for nuclear weapons that was almost identical to the one built by North Korea, from whom they got the plans.

The Israelis heard about it just in time and managed to bomb it, with no aircraft lost.

Syria does not seem to get it. She still works with Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, against Israel.

Bible prophecy says that Damascus, a very ancient city, will become a pile of rubble. ISIS has already damaged parts of it, but the fulfillment is yet future.
A colored photo of part of the city of Damascus with many buildings crowded together, and a few trees in the foreground. Syria to blame?

Syria to blame this time? Really?

You can’t touch a victim of nerve gas with bare hands. Even someone wearing the chemical warfare protective gear must be heavily washed down.

That’s why there is such a lot of interest about such weapons in the Middle East – very little water to wash with.

Syria to blame? I don’t think so.
Not this time.
Not this attack.

But Syria hates Israel and that is a very dangerous place to be.

The Lord used pagan nations to discipline Israel in the past – Babylon and Assyria. Assyria included most of modern-day Syria.

In the end, these nations were destroyed by the Lord as they continued on with their evil deeds and false gods.

The Lord doesn’t need squeaky clean nations to implement His judgment; He will catch up with all the nations in the 7-Year Tribulation.
Did you know that the Lord Jesus Christ builds great roads?

When He reigns on earth for one thousand years, He will have a highway running from Syria to Jerusalem, and also from Egypt, another old enemy.Colored photograph of road winding through brown, treeless hills towards a city.Syria to blame.

That’s because the Syrians will come to Israel to worship Israel’s Messiah.
They will have found the one true God.

And that really will be good news for Syria.
Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

Image Credits

Map of Syria
By cacahuate, amendments by Globe-trotter, French translation by Joelf (Own work based on an earlier map by NordNordWest) [CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
View of Damascus
By Bernard Gagnon CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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