Mark from the East? – Rev 13:17

Prototype System for the Beast?

Artwork in tones of blue showing a mobile phone  with beams of light shining on a stylized face. Mark from the East. China’s new ‘social credit score’ system is looking like it has prophetic potential (practice makes perfect) – a mark from the East? So, apparently, having been given most of the world’s manufacturing is not enough. Nor is it enough to have built the biggest armed forces of all time. Now, China is employing this ‘mark from the East’ on her own population. Could this be the model from which the real “mark of the beast” will come?

Mark from the East? A Globalist Initiative

Of course, Chinese communism is one big social experiment! The Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the C.I.A., helped to bring Chinese communism into being and the experiments have never stopped. The ‘Great Leap Forward’ and the ‘Cultural Revolution’ killed untold millions.

Black and white photograph of a United States general in uniform, seated and having serious expression on his face. Mark from the East.
General George C. Marshall – traitor to the Chinese people.

After the Chinese Nationalists had been deliberately undermined, the Chinese Communists were free to carry out their murderous plans. Globalist agent, General Marshall, withheld fuel and ammunition from Generalissimo Chaing- Kai -Shek. Consequently, the Chinese Nationalist leader and the remains of his army fled to Taiwan in 1949.

When the time was right for China to take it’s role as ‘bully boy’ for the New World Order, the bankers’ money flowed in.

Mark from the East? Globalist Geeks!

With treasonous Silicon Valley corporations helping with internet and facial recognition software, the ‘social credit score’ system has become a reality. This ‘mark from the East’ is the ‘digital spider’s web’ designed to catch you and me. It has already affected millions of Chinese, banned from travel for doing as little as smoking on a train or eating unhealthy foods.

The Communists have had lots of practice oppressing fellow humans.
China supported both
• the North Korean slave labor system
• and even Pol Pot’s murderous Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
Currently they are oppressing
• the Muslim Uighur population
• and continuing to oppress the Tibetan people.

They are on a ‘make or break’ mission.

Colored photograph of a sleek, white Chinese train with tinted windows at a platform. Mark from the East.
Need to use the train to go to work? Well, better cut down on your computer gaming or you’ll be banned.

Mark from the East? Bad Credit Crime

Since China is in debt ten times greater than the United States, it is using the ‘money out of thin air’ tactic, borrowed from the U.S. Federal Reserve. China is using credit to buy geopolitical and financial power, worldwide.

Not only are they responsible for over a hundred million deaths of their own people, they have broken a new heinous record. The ‘One Child Policy’ has claimed the lives of 400 million children through forced abortions.

Officially atheist, the leadership seems to be on a quest to make it to the deepest pit in Hell! Now news has broken that they have created human-primate clones in their satanic laboratories.

Colored photograph of Chinese lady wearing a soft woolly hat and russet jacket, looking up with face mask. Mark from the East.
Did I say ‘money out of thin air’? Probably air you could cut with a knife – environmental joke designed to give China unlimited power.

Mark from the East? Meeting Their Match

No wonder we read of Messiah “smashing the nations with a rod of iron” and His clothes being stained by the blood of his enemies. This is the wages of sin. This is what must be ejected from the ‘real’ universe where God reigns in righteousness. Such evil boggles the mind, but it starts with the blackened heart of the individual.

In blindness, the Chinese Communists think they will win, but God has them in his sights.
But our gracious God also has unsaved individuals in His sight. He wants to lead them to salvation through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, with the help of ordinary people like you or me.

From East and West!

Remember when Stephen was stoned? How God gave him a vision as the very stones were striking him, killing his earthly body?

That’s what it will be like for us very shortly (probably without the violence) when the veil over the ‘real’ universe is taken away. “For now we see in a mirror, dimly…”

These are rather trying times for your generation. As young believers it is very probable that you will see the One Whom you are serving at the Rapture.

Be focused.

See any hardship as a blessing to remind you that this world is passing away.

The Savior has to stop all this evil. Won’t you be glad you’re on His side when He does?

Pastor Aaron

Image Credits

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Creative Commons Licence

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Philip McMaster
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4. Air Pollution in China – Global Panorama
Image Courtesy: (Nicolo Lazzati), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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