Beast Interface – Musk’s Mark?

Colored photograph of a man in a black suit flanked by 2 U.S. airforce officers wearing camouflage uniforms. Large windows, flags on stands and hills in background. Beast Interface.e off
Mind control?
– only ’cause the enemy are doing it. (the usual excuse.)

At your local mall next year, a hard-wired – in your skull – computer interface? Who would want such a thing? What could be the possible advantage? More importantly, could this be related to the “mark of the beast“, a kind of beast interface?

Elon Musk, an entrepreneur in many things high tech, is renowned for founding SpaceX space flight and his Tesla electric car corporations. Though he has publicly warned about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, could he have now become an AI disciple?

Mr Musk has stated that “if you can’t beat them – join them”. Strange comment to make, and will he be the first? Soon enough, via his Neuralink company, you will be able to get your own implant. In addition, we know from the testimony of the late Aaron Russo, that the globalist elite will probably pass on it. (Surprise, surprise.)

Beast Interface – Not a new idea.

Colored photograph of a book cover  with the title in blue capitals outlined with red, "Brave New World". In front is a metallic sphere with an open door  and adorned with piping, containing a struggling baby. All in shades of blue. Author's name "Aldous Huxley" also in blue lettering at base of cover.  Beast Interface.
This is nothing but another step in a long process, from the drug-drenched society of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s concept of “the technotronic era“. In between we have had actual practical attempts at mind control. Dr Joseph Delgado’s stimoceiver, for example, was a remote control device hard-wired into the neurosystem of animals. He ‘famously’ had an enraged bull, equipped with a stimoceiver, charge at him. Then he rendered it docile mere meters away, using the stimoceiver’s remote control.

So, what did your elected representatives do about mind control programs in the past? Precisely nothing.
What are your elected representatives doing about mind control programs in the present? Precisely nothing.

Beast Interface – From Wallet to Mind

World governments are totally corrupted due to international debt and those who just want to get along. President Thomas Jefferson warned that as soon as the elite bankers get control of the money system, the people will be oppressed.

Previously the target was sovereignty and wealth creation; now it is the very mind of the individual. The greed (and other sins) of politicians so blind them that, as a result, they create a society that even they will hate.

Black and white photograph of a matador holding a cape and bull approaching him. Large empty arena. Beast Interface.
Wish I had a stimoceiver now…

Beast Interface – Not Quite There

However, until the Church has been taken up in the Rapture, and the Antichrist is in power, Musk’s mark is still not the “mark of the beast.” The “mark of the beast” entails worship of the “image of the beast”, part of Satan’s perverted desire to be like the true God.

This technology designed by Elon Musk can be used for good things like repairing broken spinal chords. The same technology could also be used for the ‘End Times’ mark in the near future. The fact that the technology has been with us for a while is also evidence that God the Father is the God who wants none to be lost and all to come to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ Jesus – Interface With The Almighty!

If you haven’t come to this conclusion yet, let me spell it out.

Have nothing to do with anything like this, Neuralink or implantable chips.
Even if technically it is not yet the “mark of the beast”, your participation would be adding to the propaganda to undermine personal resistance to such things that will end in many going to Hell. And it’s quite possible you could open yourself up to severe demonic oppression.

However, even flirting with tattoos and excessive body piercing is also in reality making people accustomed to defiling the human body. We are never free in Christ to exhibit the marks of paganism. An unbelieving attendee at my congregation once chose to cover his obscene tattoos with a long-sleeved shirt, so even an unbeliever can know the unsuitability of such things. I have recently observed a female theology lecturer showing off her small tattoo on the internet. Is this a double indication that nothing could be learnt from her?Colored photograph of young man sitting with head down, arms outstretched, with tattood words  on one arm. Five hands laying on his shoulders. Beast Interface

If you have already defiled your body in such a way, turn away from such behavior and act like you have. You could make reasonable attempts to reverse or remove such marks on or additions to your body. But even some lasting evidence of such things can be glorifying to God, if you have personally come to reject them.

Keep your souls and your body pure and fight for precious souls.

Image Credits

1.Elon Musk At NORAD. April, 2019. Photo By: NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs

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4. Young Man Praying – Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy


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