“Rumors of Wars” Matthew 24:6 – Gas Or Fog of War?

Rumors of Wars: United States Strikes Syria – Again!

Color photograph of a U.S. warship firing a Tomahawk cruise missile at night. Bridge of warship is gray, silhouetted by white yellow exhaust of missile. Rumors of wars.

Just when it looked like President Trump was pulling U.S. forces out of the nation of Syria, he ordered another missile strike there – “rumors of wars”? Western nations accused President al Assad of a chemical weapons attack, but Russia said it was a fake. The Saudis were talking about sending troops.

Is all of this just co-incidence or is there a motive behind all these “rumors of wars”, all these conflicting statements and actions?

Rumors of Wars – Vested Interests

As I said in a previous post, about the last chemical attack, these incidents are faked. Syria would have only used chemical weapons as a last resort against an Israeli attack and she claims to have disposed of them.

Color photograph of NBC suited soldier with a torch inspects red racks of Soviet era gas artillery shells, black and dusty. Rumors of wars.
Soviet era gas shell ammunition – how the globalists would like you to imagine Syria.

This could be only partially true, but there is no reason for al Assad to give the Western globalists an excuse to depose him.
President Trump is having to deal with massive globalist corruption in his government and the strike was meant to appease his internal enemies, while he attempts to remove them.

Digging Deeper

Al Assad has warned that his enemies are trying to ‘carve up’ Syria. After Russia defeated the ISIS forces, now Saudi Arabia wants to ‘legitimately’ send soldiers (rather than ISIS mercenaries) via the corrupt United Nations.
This is an extremely dangerous situation and I have called this blog “Rumors of wars” because the missile strike on Syria is another act in the chain of events leading to wars during the Tribulation. The saying ‘fog of war’ is a similar concept, especially considering all the political and financial intrigue that lurks behind this war in Syria, and just about every war in modern times that I can think of.

Color photograph of White Helmet members rescuing victims of a collapsed building.  Bystanders and yellow excavator in background. Rumors of wars.
The White Helmets – accused of supporting terrorists and faking gas attacks – links to globalists.

Truth Below the Surface?

Since it produces less carbon dioxide, natural gas has become very popular with those who are involved with or deceived by the ‘climate change’ scam. This has made the rivalry between either a proposed Iranian or Saudi gas pipeline the obvious primary reason for the globalist-instigated, Syrian civil war.

I have noticed that the controlled media is denying this and saying that a pipeline is not feasible. But this is the way Russia delivers its gas to Europe! The control of natural gas to Europe is therefore important to the globalists’ ‘climate change’ plan, as it will help to form a monopoly on energy that will be used to destroy European industry.
Of great prophetic interest is the fact that through this situation, both Russia (Magog) and China (Kings of the East) have both been militarily present in the region of Israel – “rumors of war”.

Color photograph of a large natural gas installation including storage tanks which are lit orange and many pipes reflecting the blue sky. Rumors of wars.
Things Go Better with Coke (Coca-Cola) . ah, no, Gas Goes Better in Pipes.

Resources: A Crime?

In the past, the globalists have targeted many nations that are rich in natural resources because, otherwise, they would be able to resist the coming one world government control. The globalists have either violently or politically deprived these nations of much of their natural resource blessings.

This includes the United States, Australia, South Africa and, of course, Europe, which is still rich in coal. As the powerful representative for the globalists, Henry Kissinger, once said,

“If we can control fuel we can control the masses; if we can control food we can control individuals.” – Henry Kissinger

The predicted 20:80 society – that’s only twenty percent of people with jobs – is fast coming upon us. If you think the globalists are going to feed us all, you are kidding yourself. The powers that started two world wars, the Cold War, the Korean, Vietnam and two needless Gulf Wars, are not interested in the well-being of the masses. Planned famines and plagues have been used previously and, without God’s intervention, will be used again.

Color photograph of a power station with large cooling towers and two chimneys ; steam coming from the cooling towers that is merging with the clouds in the background. Rumors of wars.
So evil to use coal to warm people and keep jobs for them (that’s only water vapor you can see) – but needless wars and famines are alright, apparently.

It is important that, as believers, we don’t squander our finances or give moral support to useless, at best, or downright deceptive, at worst, organizations. The West is deprived of jobs while China spews out more pollution than all the West combined.
It is good to care for the environment, but those controlling the established environmental movements hate mankind. When they talk of ‘sustainability’, you’re not included.

Your Heavenly Resources?

The Apostle Peter challenges us about how we should act in the light of our planet’s fiery demise. But the seven year tribulation will also see the present earth devastated until the Lord Jesus Christ initiates His Millennium renovations.
Many well-meaning people are deceived by environmentalism. Be shrewd with them for their sake, avoiding needless arguments as you attempt to share the gospel.
Colored photograph of a blackened planet covered  and surrounded by  flames and silhouetted by the blackness of space. Sun's rays on the left. Rumors of wars.

As good citizens in the community, we can show support for constructive things. A local litter clean up, reasonable recycling (though the core issues are never dealt with), but always being aware that these things are not our primary mission.
Reminding ourselves about the near future, by studying Biblical prophecy, helps keep us from needless entanglements in the world. So we can live like travelers, living a life spiritually apart in Christ, just as the scriptures encourage us to be.

Pastor Aaron,
Prophecy for Youth Ministry

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U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jeramy Spivey
2. Russian chemical weapons stockpile.
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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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