Satan 101

Satan : the adversary of the Church.

Colored paining depicting Christ rebuking Satan with the words "receive the scroll" in gold lettering
The time is now close for Satan to be bound and the world to be judged for sin.

Yet he is still the adversary of the Church while the Lord is in Heaven.

He is a dangerous enemy who needs to be treated with respect.

Not for what he is or for what he does, but that you do not underestimate him and that you ‘know your enemy’ to be victorious over him in Christ.

Satan : A Real Show-Off

On television and the Net, you might catch sight of some horrendous things that he energizes behind the scenes. Avoid such scenes and keep in mind that the Lord does limit the activities of Satan, or he would probably kill us all.

Satan likes to make a big show with his dupes with witchcraft, etc, but there is a bigger purpose.

That sort of ‘in your face’ evil makes your average person, who would never think of such things, feel that he or she is not guilty before God, although he or she is still dead in his or her sins.

Yes, Satan is a Devil and bound for the lake of fire but we can and do snatch people out of his hands.

And we do this with the gospel message, and only with the gospel message.
It is your one objective, the goal that you aim for, your point of main effort. And, in my experience as an evangelist, I have found that most people have never heard it!

Satan’s Strategy

Colored photograph of finger pointing on a map of Eastern Europe
One of Satan’s biggest lies is “Oh, they’ve already heard the gospel”.

Never believe this; they may have been blinded by Satan at the time, closed their ears in pride or, to be polite, smiled as they thought of other things.

There is a spiritual battle overhead when you try and share the gospel, perhaps even angels and demons bashing one another senseless!
More importantly, the temptation to talk about “Christian morals”, “helping the poor”, “what a great prophecy evening or musical presentation we had” – anything instead of the gospel – is very strong.

Be Satan’s Second Biggest Headache!

Forget about those teachings about ‘binding Satan’ or ‘binding people in witchcraft’, etc, etc, that you may have read on the Net. These things must co-exist with the Church in the fallen world. If not, the Lord could not take out a people for Himself.

So, pray, be polite to people, earn their respect.

When they are interested, you could talk about

  • your personal faith
  • what the Bible has foretold in history
  • your concerns about the world
  •  A colored photograph of a couple of young people seated, in conversation. Be a Headache to Satan.

    Be a good listener, see where people are coming from, try to understand their experiences and how they look at things.

    If you are confident, use your knowledge of the person to explain the gospel in terms the person might better understand. If not, use a practiced presentation with the relevant Scripture verses, or a combination of the two.

    Then, like a good salesman, attempt to ‘close the deal’ with the perfect product!

    The gospel includes

  • personal accountability before God for sin
  • only one Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ
  • the reality of judgment and punishment in Hell
  • the Lord’s loving desire to save and bless with everlasting life
  • Colored quote graphic. Brown background with the word "Jesus" in large letters in the center and the Words of Acts 4:12 above., beginning with< "Neither is their salvation in any other;"

    And don’t forget to give them a personal invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    Next time, we will be looking at how to form a Spiritual Battle Group, harnessing your congregation’s full soul-winning potential.

    Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth,

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