200 million horsemen – Revelation 9 – A cloned army?

God-hating Science

Colored photograph of row upon row of robotic and precise Chinese soldiers of identical height in dark green uniform with gold stripes, white gloves and peaked caps and assault rifles with polished bayonets. 200 million horsemen.China has successfully cloned a pair of macaque monkeys. It states that these are only a possible source for medical research animals. But could these experiments lead to the creation of 200 million horsemen or mobile troops?

Monkeys are used in human disease research, but a cloned army is an obvious future application of the science. Primates to humans is a logical progression of the technology that produced the cloned sheep, Dolly, in the early 2000’s.

Colored photograph of the face of a Barbary macaque monkey - light brown colored with a determined look on its face. 200 million horsemen.
Not a cloned macaque but a fiercely patriotic macaque from the Rock of Gibraltar determined to make a last stand against the cloning of his species.


It is a direction that would be against the ethics and values of Judaeo-Christian society, but the Chinese Communist Party are not bound by such morality.

Warriors without conscience

In the era of the ‘killer drone’ and the surveillance satellite, a robotic army is on the horizon. However, robots are very expensive, especially when you need to produce them by the thousands. If a cloned army was cost-effective, it could be a rival to the futurists and their dreams of robotic ranks.

Perhaps what is most likely would be a hybrid cloned human, with some kind of artificial intelligence interface, making them more ‘robots of flesh’ than humans.

Black and white photograph of German SS soldier in winter uniform with a German helmet, a balaclava and a machine gun belt draped over his shoulder. Other soldier, with an ammunition case,  is in background. 200 million horsemen.                                                                 is in background . 200 million horsemen.
Nazi SS Soldiers 1944 – reported to have eyes blazing with evil – evil perhaps but also drugs.

All very evil, but this kind of demonic thinking has been around for a long time. Nazi Germany pioneered the use of endurance enhancing drugs, given to soldiers in battle.

The United States Army also used the ‘man as a weapon’ concept, in an effort to add a robotic consistency to the battle performance of its troops.

Hard and Unyielding

Research into the behavior of World War Two soldiers revealed that only one in four actually aimed their weapons to kill. Our God-given consciences are a very strong influence, even on the unsaved, against the taking of life. It is easy to see how deadly a cloned army, without this moral safeguard, could be.

Colored photograph of U.S. Marines driving a sand-colored tank with a large blade at the front for removing sand. 2oo million horsemen..
U.S. Marine Tank with a ‘dozer’ blade. Did the U.S. ‘man as a weapon’ mind-programming lead to the 1991 Gulf War controversy of Iraqi soldiers being buried alive?


From image to reality

The Chinese armed forces are very keen on projecting a ‘robotic’ or ‘cloned’ image of their soldiers. By choosing men and women with the same height and proportions (length of leg, shoulder height, etc), they create impressive propaganda parades.
Of course, there would be great advantages to having a cloned army. The savings on designing equipment and uniforms for only one body size would be immense.

The Chinese leadership believe in the so-called ‘Chinese dream’. They believe that they will rule the world, by stealth or conflict, sooner or later.

I have no doubt that the Chinese Communists are considering such things. As a younger man, I had a fascinating conversation with a consul general’s son, who was adamant that human cloning had taken place. Did they die early, like Dolly, the sheep?

200 Million Horsemen – The Kings of the East?

In the book of Revelation, we come across the 200 million horsemen, which I believe will be the army of the “Kings of the East”. The description could certainly lend itself to a cloned or robotic army.

However, I believe that the apostle John’s vision is more likely a description of a twenty-first century, but very human, army. Clones or robots could play a small part, but I think that the forces that attack Israel at Armageddon will be predominantly human. This means that it is going to happen sooner rather than later because the technology of which we are speaking is also very close.

Spiritual Weapons Only

Colored photograph of  young white woman wearing camouflage shirt in discussion with Asian woman wearing pink blouse. 200 million horsemen.

So it isn’t going to be like a sci-fi horror movie – “am I witnessing to a real human or a clone?” As the Scriptures tell us, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood … “

No perverted technology will save sinful world leaders from the Lord Jesus Christ. They refuse Him; they destroy themselves.

Use your freedom in Christ and the advantages of your youth to help save lost humanity. Satan wants to destroy. The Lord Jesus wants to save. This is our great spiritual battle and privilege. And now is your only chance to get involved.

Pastor Aaron ,
Prophecy for Youth Ministry

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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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