Hezbollah Targets Israel. War in Lebanon?

Hezbollah Targets Israel with Missiles.

For a number of years now, Israel has been warning Hezbollah in Lebanon that it will respond to any attack ferociously. Hezbollah targets Israel and has continued to re-arm since the 2006 war and has tried to get high-tech anti-aircraft missiles via Syria.

Colored photograph of Fateh-110 missile being launched, leaving behind flame, smoke and dust, in a flat, desert area
Fateh-110 guided missile, Hezbollah’s ‘game-changing’ weapon.

Israel had some serious casualties in that war and is determined that the next will be a decisive victory. She has told the southern Lebanese population to leave when hostilities break out and has destroyed arms convoys coming from Syria, with weapons that could threaten her air force.

Hezbollah Acquires Deadlier Missiles

So, we have a similar situation as 2006, but Hezbollah has even more missiles, estimated to be at least 100,000.

Black & white photograph of Hezbollah rocket launching truck with Israeli aircraft 'cross-hairs' on target. Hezbollah Targets Israel.
Israelis bomb Hezbollah rocket launcher 2006.

They are mostly artillery missiles – not that accurate – but deadly to civilians in the open air or outside shelters. (Yes, Israel has many bomb shelters). But now Hezbollah targets Israel with more accurate guided missiles, that pose a more serious threat.

High-Tech but Expensive Defense

Israel has its high-tech defense systems now: Arrow, David’s Sling (nice!) and Iron Dome, which have impressed military experts worldwide.

Colored photograph of Israeli Iron Dome  at an Arms Expo. Actual projectile leaning up against a promotional backdrop.
Iron Dome Missile at Arms Show. Thankfully Israel is a world leader in weapons’ technology.
But these are very expensive and Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s religious and military leader knows this, as do Iran & Syria that back him.

This will mean that Israel will also have to attack the launchers, but she now has many smart weapons – ‘stand-off’ missiles that her pilots can launch at a distance.

Nasrallah Threatens and Boasts

Nasrallah has threatened that Shia allies from Iraq and Syria will join a potential war, but Iran’s allies are already stretched. The economic war in Syria is far from decided and globalists in the new United States government are desperately trying to save Isis, which is Sunni. Nasrallah is confident they’ll win, but will he accept a loss as a sign from the true God?

A Religious Rivalry?

Israel has moved closer to Saudi Arabia because of Iran, a shared enemy, but this is why I believe Hezbollah might soon attack Israel. Iran wants to break this alliance and will possibly do so by showing that the Shia are more faithful to Islam by continuing to attack Israel.

Colored photograph of Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, seated and wearing a black turban and cloak. Hezbollah Targets Israel.
Hezbollah’s religious and military leader, and Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah.

So how is this all working out in the Lord’s plan? Next year it will be seventy years since the founding of Israel. It’s getting close now to the Crusaders’ 100 years’ reign in Jerusalem.

Every year Israel exists, every adversity overcome, shows the Bible to be the real and only Word of God.

Lebanon in Bible Prophecy?

Poetically, in the Bible, Lebanon’s mountains and ancient cedar forests are symbolic of beauty and strength. But as Babylon is linked to satanic evil, Lebanon is also linked with rebellious pride and, as with Babylon, will likely face a physical judgment.

So, all these attacks actually help to make Israel stronger, as she is seen as the only home for Jews and becomes more self-sufficient. One day, the whole world will be attacking Israel, as Satan tries to stop Christ coming to defeat him.

What about your personal battle?

Just as Satan won’t defeat the Lord Jesus Christ, Hezbollah won’t defeat Israel. So, seeing we are on the winning side, are you acting like it? Are you making time to share the gospel? Are you harvesting souls for the Master? I encourage you to do so because time is running out for us to serve our Savior on earth.

Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

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1.Firing Fateh-110
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2.IAF Bombs Katyusha Rocket
By Israel Defense Forces (IAF Bombs Katyusha Rocket Launchers) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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