Merkel Rejected – Kurz Elected – The willful king expected

Political Turmoil Before the Willful King – Daniel 11 : 36

3 Panels Side by Side. 1. Colored photograph of Angela Merkel with the word "Rejected" across it. 2. Colored photograph of Sebastian Kurz, with the word "Elected" across it. 3. Colored photograph of a white horse's head representing the willful king "rider of the white horse" from Revelation 6 : 2

Angela Merkel received a voter backlash in Germany and Austria elected Europe’s youngest ever leader, Sebastian Kurz. Many people are happy, but, in reality, there is much political turmoil and disunity. This all points to a vacuum that will be filled by a coming strong ruler, the rider of the white horse, the willful king (Daniel 11:36).

The united European experiment (E.U.) seems near to failing, as Germans and Austrians alike vote against the suicidal policies of the non-elected European government. Uncontrolled immigration, and the clash of cultures it is bringing, is severely changing European nations.

Resistance to E.U. Oppression

With E.U. politicians using the huge influx of other cultures and religions to deliberately subdue the native Judaeo-Christian society, many Europeans have had enough.

Under the Turkish sultan, Islamic forces almost conquered Vienna twice, in 1529 and 1683. With this history in mind, Austrians have voted for a patriot.

In a concerned response, European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has attempted to have the Eurosceptic Party excluded from the Austrian government.

Colored photograph of Jean-Claude Juncker with E.U. 12 Gold Stars in the background. The Willful King Expected.
Jean-Claude Juncker – not a happy camper and no, that isn’t a halo.

The Scriptures are clear that a strong leader, sometimes referred to as “the willful king”, will arise, from the area of the old Roman Empire (Europe) and that he will overcome this fragmentation within Europe.

Gomer (Germany) Looks East

The ‘Pan-Germanism’ of Hitler’s rule was continued by the many ex-Nazis who planned the European Union, attempting to conquer by political action rather than war.

There is even talk of a European army, to keep countries who don’t like the unrestricted immigration – Poland, Hungary and now Austria – in line. But Germany has scrapped or sold much of its military weapons and equipment to former European nations and Turkey. She will need military help in the future and is looking east.

Colored photograph of a Leopard 2 Tank in green and brown camouflage, on a road, with trees in the background. Willful King Expected.
German Leopard 2 Tank in service with Polish army.

So, although Germany starved almost all of the three million Russian prisoners she captured in World War Two, and killed millions more, including civilians, remarkably, Germany signed a war grave agreement with Russia in 1992.
With this attempted reconciliation, Germany (Gomer), in spite of its brutal Nazi past, fulfills bible prophecy in this unexpected (though Globalist instigated) improvement in relations. Germany (Gomer) will join Russia (Gog-Magog) for an attack on Israel, just before the Great Tribulation (the last three and a half years of the seven-year Tribulation.)

Colored photograph of cemetery with a row of graves beside a long road, with an Orthodox church in distance. Willful King Expected.
German War Cemetery in Sologubovka, Russia

Enter the Willful King

What will this “willful king” do as ruler of Europe, without, for once, a militarily strong Germany at its center?

This is the extremely interesting part.

This man, the rider of the white horse, is repeatedly described as a leader of great military might. The scriptures talk about him as renowned for being impossible to defeat and even somehow following a religion of a god of war!

So when Europe looks very weak, as it certainly does now, this “willful king” will demonically arise to inflict his satanic will on the whole world.

Time to Get it Sorted

These things are happening now – time to get our priorities sorted.

Worldly things look especially appealing in our youth, but we must ask the Lord for wisdom and to be of one mind with Him.

A few years ago, perhaps, we could have fooled ourselves that the fulfillment of end-times prophecies was in the distant future, but not now. The evidence is everywhere.
A black and white chart with a representation of the judgment seat of Christ and below it are pictures of the five crowns of reward with written explanations beneath. Willful King Expected.

So don’t waste your time, and don’t miss out on the rewards promised to those who serve the Lord faithfully. Greatly desire those crowns!

Pastor Aaron ,
Prophecy for Youth Ministry

Image Credits

1.Angela Merkel – [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
2. Sebastian Kurz
By Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres (Arbeitsbesuch London) – [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
3.Jean Claude Juncker – Martin Schulz on Flickr
4.Leopard 2A4 of the Polish Army – By Hiuppo – Yükleyenin kendi çalışması, CC BY 3.0,
5. Sologubovka German Cemetery By Yahont – Own work, Public Domain,

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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