Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Historical Evil Revived

Colored photograph of stone relief showing ancient Assyrian deity. This is a humanoid with wings and eagle's head. Future Assyrian - Isaiah 10.

One of the names for the Antichrist is “the Assyrian”, but he is the future Assyrian. There are a number of influential world leaders today who come from the area of that ancient empire known as Assyria.

Is the prophecy of a type of person or of the racial origin of the Antichrist? There are two strong leaders today who just might fit these descriptions.

Assyria was an ancient enemy of Israel. The Assyrian Empire attacked Israel on a number of occasions and eventually defeated the northern tribes in 722 BC. Until the Babylonian Empire defeated them, the Assyrian empire ruled over the world with ruthlessness and cruelty.

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Asia and Rome?

A number of Bible passages, describe the Antichrist as a ruthless and cruel leader. However, biblical prophecy could reveal even more.
Although the Bible also describes the Antichrist as king over the area of the old Roman Empire, that does not necessarily mean that Antichrist is an Italian. Some of the later Roman emperors actually came from Asia, the region of ancient Assyria.

Some commentators on the Bible say that Antichrist could be of Jewish descent because then the Jews would trust his offer of a seven-year peace treaty. This could be correct, but those from the area of ancient Assyria, like the Jews, are a Semitic people, related to Noah’s son, Shem.

Colored photograph of 2 sides of Roman gold coin. On one there is a profile of the Emperor with a laurel wreath. The other side shows a chariot drawn by 4 horses. Both have Latin inscriptions. Future Assyrian - Isaiah 10.
Roman Caesar from Assyria, Elagabualus. He placed the sun god ahead of Jupiter in pagan Roman worship.The chariot is carrying the sacred, black meteorite.

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Cunning and Cruel

Antichrist could be from the area of Assyria, but pretending to be a Jew. This is not hard to believe when we consider that there is proof that some of the so-called ‘Palestinian race’ are actually of a Jewish heritage.

The one thing that makes me think that the prophecy really has some racial meaning is the incitement of Islamic Arabs in the globalists’ plan.

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Satanically Controlled

It becomes more and more obvious that the elite globalists practice Satanism. From the philosophies they push, their attacks on the unborn, on marriage, on families, on God’s ordained genders, and on Christianity, it is clear that the devil is calling the shots.
Satan is a hard task master, and his dupes just do what they are told. They are never shown the end of his evil plan, especially from Scripture, where he & his followers are defeated.

Blinded by sin, many commit evil to undermine the European Judaeo-Christian civilization that has been such a blessing to the world.
To serve the Lord, however, is the opposite. God gives us the ‘big picture’. He has shown us the plan of salvation as it has worked through history. And He continues to show us the plan through yet to be fulfilled biblical prophecy.

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – In Waiting?

Colored photograph of Prime Minister Erdogan, seated in front of microphone.  Red background. He is wearing  a dark suit, with red tie. Future Assyrian - Isaiah 10.
Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Hoping to use Islamic immigration into Europe to get political control.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia are known for being strong and ruthless in their actions. Both come from the area of the ancient Assyrian Empire.

And, if you think that neither would be accepted as a European leader, consider a future Europe with a large percentage of Islamic citizens! Is this the real reason for the suicidal immigration policies?
The Assyrians also practiced ‘immigration war’. They deported many of the Jews from the northern tribes and brought in other people groups. That is how the Samaritans came into being. That is how Judaism was corrupted over time for certain Jewish groups.

Erdogan has dreams of becoming the new Turkish Sultan. He wants to rule the Islamic world as before, but doing what his ancestors could not do – taking control of Europe.

Colored photograph of Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, seated in front of indoor plants and men in suits in background. He is wearing headdress of red and white checks with black band and gold colored robe. Two blue bottles in foreground. Future Assyrian- Isaiah 10.
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. I’m sure the bottles contain only water.

Erdogan has tried to make political gains in Europe already, through large Islamic immigrant groups.
Prince Salman has accepted the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (was Agenda 21). He is planning to lead his country towards a non-oil producing future!

Has he been given a vision of being Europe’s first ‘green’ ruler, or even ruler of the world?

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Destroyed by Messiah

No matter how you look at it, it reeks of evil. Who, in their right mind, would want to be in a world ruled by these kind of people?
Praise God, the Lord Jesus Christ will take us away before world government becomes extremely oppressive and deadly. Remember, we are citizens of a new civilization. We are working towards a new government of God on earth, ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ in person.

The apostle John assures us – the future looks good.

Older Christians do not always understand how rapidly things are changing. The pace of change is fast, but they are slowing down.
But the rewards are great for you, young person, 
if you realize that time is short. You can earn great reward, honor and responsibility.

Seek the Lord as to where you should serve in your congregation, and make it your first priority.

Get involved in the saving of souls. It’s just so exciting playing a part in the work of leading others to salvation. I’ve recently led someone to the Lord and I can tell you it doesn’t get less joyful.

Pastor Aaron,

Image Credits

1. A Roman aureus depicting Elagabalus..By Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. CC BY-SA 3.0 ,

2. Erdogan – Kremlin.ru [CC BY 3.0 or CC BY 4.0

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4. Apostle John – Waiting for the Word, on Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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