Prophetic Pestilence? – Luke 21:11

Terrible Error or Prophetic Pestilence?

Colored photo-montage of 9 identical photos of Chinese woman with face mask, juxtaposed with horse's head colored like a corpse. Superimposed is a large white outlined question mark.Prophetic Pestilence.

Is the corona-virus a prophetic pestilence? Is it a sign that the Rapture is to take place very soon? Or is the time not right? In a globalized world, a global epidemic, a pandemic, is always possible. Will it be of biblical proportions?

It Starts From China

The news from China seems to get worse everyday. Outside China, numbers of corona-virus infections have multiplied. With China having been given enormous financial and industrial power by treasonous globalists, the country is no longer a closed nation. In addition, many members of a new Chinese middle class has settled in many other nations.

This situation has made it impossible to quarantine the corona-virus just within Wuhan city in China. There is talk that the outbreak actually occurred in December 2019. But even with such a dangerous situation, the criminal communists still play politics. Along with the World Health Organization, China has organized a blackout of information for neighboring, and especially vulnerable, Taiwan.

Colored photograph of 2 soldiers, one wearing light coloured camouflage suit and the other in a dark green camouflage suit. Gloved hands holding a cylindrcal metal object. Prophetic pestilence
A U.S. Air Force biological warfare team testing new detection equipment. Bio-warfare is a serious threat in the 21st century.

Prophetic Pestilence or Judgment?

So, is the corona-virus pandemic a prophetic pestilence?

Recently, China has greatly increased its persecutions of Christian believers. It has also suffered very serious epidemics within the pork and poultry industries. The Bible only sets principles for the Church Age, so it is hard to be categorical as to whether this current emergency is a divine judgment..

The only pandemic mentioned in the Book of Revelation seems to be regarding those who take the mark of the Beast. But, in Luke 21:11, the Lord Jesus Himself speaks of pestilence breaking out in various places. The corona-virus certainly could be the start of these diseases, the context of which is the early part of the Tribulation.

If we recall some scares over the past decades, none have really had the type of global pandemic effect since the Spanish ‘Flu of 1918. HIV/AIDS did decimate much of the African population, but was too fragile to become a world-wide threat. Bird ‘Flu, Swine ‘Flu and Ebola have similarly been regionally lethal but not on a world scale. I discussed the threat of a particular outbreak in the past with a physician who had been involved in drug development. In his opinion the threat seemed to have been exaggerated in order to increase drug sales.

Black and white photograph of Japanese man with glasses in World War 2 uniform. Prophetic Pestilence.
Shiro Ishii – Commander of Japan’s secret wartime bio-warfare project, Unit 731. Preferred bacteria as friends – true!

A Deadly Science

There is also the claim that some of the pestilences named earlier in this blog post were either created or made more deadly in laboratories. Japan developed bio-weapons during World War Two. Sadly, the biologists involved were not prosecuted but put to work by the victorious nations for their own germ warfare projects. The invention of bio-warfare means that some of the prophetic references to future wars could include biological warfare.

However, whether corona-virus is a bio weapon or the product of negligent hygiene practices, it is serious. But since the Bible is quiet about such a global pandemic, at this stage I think it may end up like HIV/AIDS. By this I mean that it will continue to kill (relatively) small numbers of people wherever it has spread. When the Rapture of the Church takes place, this situation may change greatly. Actually, the greatest threat from the corona-virus may be an acceleration of the decline of the fragile Chinese economy. It could bring about World War Three!

Pestilence Foretold

Famine weakens the immune system of individuals, hence the Black Horse of Revelation may signal an increase in disease-related deaths. The color of the next and last horse is actually a reference to the color of a dead body! This could well include the deaths of people due to bio weapons.

But while the Church is still on earth, the corona-virus is not a Tribulation judgment, even if it becomes part of such a judgment later.

However, it is the age of genetic engineering that has allowed diseases to become extremely dangerous weapons. When the Japanese tried to increase the potency of things like Bubonic plague, they found there was a limit. With gene modification, pathogens can be tailor- made for specific targets. Late last century, it was reported that bio-warfare could actually be fine-tuned to kill certain races.

Things for Now – Things for Eternity

Though I am not an expert, I suggest that you can take steps to protect your health. Eating food that is predominantly raw, plant-based and free of chemicals is an excellent start. You can add raw juices as well to your diet and these will lower your body’s acidity. A healthy human body should be ph neutral or slightly alkaline. Apparently, a virus enters a human cell through an electrical process. Perhaps that’s why such a diet quite often protects against colds and seasonal ‘flu.

It is obvious that Satan promotes the creation of such evil things. Corona-virus is not a Tribulation judgment but evidence daily points to it having been developed in a laboratory. This is the kind of unbelievable evil which the Messiah must subdue when He returns and reigns for a thousand years. Remember, He’s returning and His rewards are with Him.
Ask yourself this: as the Great Tribulation is almost upon us, am I more motivated to serve my Lord & Savior? Because, when the Church departs in the Rapture, the scope to earn reward leaves as well.

Image Credits

1.Air Pollution in China – Global Panorama
Image Courtesy: (Nicolo Lazzati), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

2. Bio-warfare detection drill. Brooks City-Base, Texas (U.S. Army photo by Jerry Stillwagon)

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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