Stepping on Ten Toes – Daniel 2

Stepping on Ten Toes – Rebellion’s Unavoidable Destiny

Colored photograph of the feet of a bronze statue, showing the toes and sandal straps. Stepping on Ten Toes.

Sinful man plans and commits evil, but it’s only going to amount to ‘stepping on ten toes’. Ten toes is what the Lord says there will be, so that’s what will be. Those ten regions of the world, strong , but also fatally weak. No matter what the rebellion, they’ll only ever be ‘stepping on ten toes’, which will not hurt God one little bit.

Reaping Unjust Rewards?

After years and years of keeping Africa and South America poor and backward, the globalists have targeted the West. What is left of Europe and North America is to be swamped and bankrupted by millions of immigrants. But, as I have said before, it will not succeed as completely failed states can’t go to war. The Bible is clear that there will be wars between nations throughout the seven-year Tribulation.

Those globalists are just ‘stepping on ten toes’ ,the toes that will come into being just as the Lord has prophesied. In fact, their desperate attempt to create a one world government by overwhelming every nation may work against the globalists. Will these actions create the ‘clay”, the weakness in the “ten toes”‘ world system? As I considered in our first article, a lack of social cohesion could be exactly what the clay signifies.

Not by Accident

Of course, we cannot blame individuals who take up the offer to come to the West. The United Nations and various non-government organizations (NGO’s) are engineering all this for the global elite.

Black and white photograph of a large building aflame, illuminated from within. Stepping on Ten Toes.
The Reichstag, the German Capitol building burns in 1933. Symbolic of the death of German democracy, like the death of French Judaeo-Christian civilization?

But those groups intent on causing strife and harm should not be excused. Indeed, I believe those Christians who advocate for this plan do transgress. It is an evil plan that uses political correctness and false guilt to push aside all criticisms.

Benevolent Betrayal?

Christianity has nothing to do with helping unbelievers with other people’s money! A nation that tries to fix everyone else’s problems will soon collapse itself. I see nowhere in Scripture where the church is instructed to conduct ‘giveaways’ of unbelieving citizens’ tax dollars (or borrowed dollars, more likely). Would the Lord want you to be party to ‘government-sanctioned theft’? Because that’s what it is. No government was elected to carry out this kind of treason.

What I do see for Christians rather than ‘stepping on ten toes’ is acknowledging the warnings and doing God’s work.Though the West is far from innocent, Judaeo-Christian culture is a direct result of a secondary blessing of the faith.

Symbolic Bonfire?

We have seen the great cathedral of Notre Dame gravely damaged. Very sad, but it does not affect God’s true Church. It could have been a target because Roman Catholic knights from France had been successful in their medieval crusade. Followers of Islam still call Western enemies “Franks”, but even when terrorism is successful, they are still only ‘stepping on ten toes’. It will do them no good.
However, it seems more likely that it was a politically motivated fire.

Traumatizing Transmissions?

Colored photograph of a Smartphone with a miniature cityscape and glowing 5G orange hue and supported by a human hand. Stepping on Ten Toes.
5G – Another bright idea, like thermonuclear weapons. particle beam weapons, plasma weapons, etc., etc.

Similarly, in the virtual world, the Lord will not allow a complete control of the human population by the one world government ‘mind control’. Perhaps the ‘strong delusion” during the Tribulation will be partly provided by the 5G network, but there will always be individual choice to some degree. Our brain is an electro-chemical organ and therefore it is not always easy to predict how Satan can use high-tech to deceive us. However, the Lord makes the rules and just recently, He seems to have put a huge ‘spanner in the works’ of the 5G game.

Commercial companies from China are rife with spies as they are often just ‘front companies’ for the Chinese Communist government. 5G was to be commenced as soon as possible, butsome of the major Western governments have now rejected the participation of the Chinese firm, Huawei on security grounds. Is 5G going to be the ‘brain fryer’ many experts warn? It very well might be, but I believe that the Lord has initiated this scenario and that the 5G network will now be delayed.

At The Feet of the Master

The Lord is holding back His judgment so more souls can be saved. If we really do want to serve the Lord in helping to save souls, now is the time to act. Here are some things to consider.

  • Pray for discernment as to whom you can challenge with the gospel. We can’t just build relationships without that goal. There has to be a communication of the “words of life”.
  • If we are rejected, we have sown the precious seed. It may only take root after the Rapture.

  • If possible, don’t do the work alone. Approach your pastor about forming a ‘Spiritual Battle Group‘ if there is no organized evangelism in your congregation.
  • Colored photograph of young man holding a bible in front of him. Man wearing a yellow jacket and blue shirt. Words in blue: "Prophecy for Youth Ministry. All about taking the Word of God and running with it, with its message, with its warnings, with its intent - 'rubber hitting the road' stuff. Stepping on Ten Toes.

  • Be willing to pay the price of some of your time and finances.
  • And, more importantly, be willing to give of yourself to make the love of Christ tangible and real to those who are perishing – “rubber hitting the road stuff”.
  • Image Credits

    1.The Dictator’s Toes Photo by Rob Ireton
    Detail of a statue of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, for whom the city of Cincinnati is named.

    2. 5G City auf Smartphone – orange – blend by Christoph Scholz on Unsplash –

    3. Person Holding Holy Bible – Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

    Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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