European army grows – troops of Gomer? – Ezekiel 38:6

A Dark Past Returns?

Multiple pictures showing SS Grenadier over Dutch Waffen SS recruiting poster next to Nordic Battle Group soldier with the Battle Group's heraldic blue and white flag below. European army grows.

As Europeans rise up against suicidal border policies, the new European army grows. History’s modern ‘Dark Age’ is returning.
The forces for European unity are ‘hedging their bets’ as to which tactic to use. Will this semi-secret army play a role in the coming seven-year Tribulation?

European Army Grows – A New ‘Axis’ Partnership?

Side by side colored photographs of Mogherini with straight blond hair, dark jacket and von der Leyen, with short blond hair and red jacket. European army grows.
The New Faces of German Militarism? Federica Mogherini, EU & German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen

The rumored European army grows from strength to strength through German guidance. People are resisting Germany’s financial tentacles and her destructive immigration initiative via the European parliament.The armed forces of Czechoslovakia and Romania have come under German command. And there has been little publicity about it. Czechoslovakia & Romania join two Dutch brigades, already integrated, as this European army grows.

European Army Grows – Gomer’s New Minions.

After Nazi Germany’s great losses on the Eastern Front during World War Two, the Nazi regime attempted to conscript all European manpower. Adding these recruits caused the Nazi Party army, the Waffen (‘armed’) SS, to greatly expand. The Dutch alone supplied 50,000 volunteers! Danes, Norwegians, recruits from the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) also served. The recruits from the Baltic States often had to prove their loyalty by participating in the Final ‘Solution’ (murdering Jews). Hitler selected these foreign troops to fight the last stand around his Berlin bunker because, if defeated, their countries of birth would treat them as traitors and execute them. In other words, these foreign fighters were highly motivated to win the battles.

The ‘Bad Old Days’ Again?

Colored poster in black to cream tones. Helmeted SS soldier in front of Nazi flag. Lower portion black with cream wording in Dutch above heraldic lion. European army grow.
The last time Dutch soldiers were under German command

It seems like these ‘bad old days’ are now being repeated, as if Europe has learnt nothing from over 50 million deaths during World War Two. European elite power broker, Jean-Claude Juncker, has been most enthusiastic about a European army. An embryonic Nordic Battle Group, has overtones of the 5th SS Viking Division and the Baltic SS Divisions, with potential forces from several Nordic countries and again the Baltic regions.The racial labeling with the Nordic name is reminiscent of Nazi racial policy. It is also evidence that the evil forces behind this will use any racial or psychological tactic to get control. (Remember how it’s become politically incorrect to talk about race?)

European Army Grows – Evil Crusaders.

Nazi propaganda portrayed this as a ‘European crusade against Communism’ and after the war, due to the atrocities committed, Waffen SS veterans sometimes argued this more positive image.

Black and white photograph of several tanks traversing a road with a picture of Romanian dictator in background. European army grows.
Romanian Panther tanks made by Nazi Germany. Romania was an ally of Nazi Germany and also deported Jews to their deaths – all not very long ago.
These soldiers, along with the larger regular army, protected a regime that committed almost unequaled crimes. Under their ‘protection’, millions of Jewish, men, women & children, were exterminated, even though they desperately needed workers.

What many people don’t know is that the Nazis also brutally recruited millions of slave laborers from all over Europe. The well-made 2004 film of Hitler’s last days, Downfall, reflects the modern German opinion that the Waffen SS was good while those SS involved in the Concentration/Death Camps were bad. This is not borne out in fact. Perhaps an Allied officer at the Nuremberg War Trials summed up where this unrealistic attitude has come from: “they were not sorry, they were sorry that they lost the war”. Although there is much evidence that the financial elite ‘set-Germany up’ for this war, that does not excuse all the evils committed.

Lessons Not Learnt

So, sadly, Germany (Gomer) seems mentally and militarily preparing for the mid-tribulation attack on the Holy Land as part of the Russian Confederacy. Whether God will over-rule Germany’s will, as with Russia (Gog-Magog), or whether it will happen because of financial or military failure, Israel is the target. This seems to be the excuse for Antichrist to somehow change from European political leader to the demonized tool of the Devil. And at this very time, Germany is out-maneuvering Hungary and Poland in response to their opposition to this coming Beast government.

Colored poster showing the words 'double feature' in white capitals and the word 'downfall' in red capitals above photo of actor portraying Hitler with Fuhrer's cap on head. Other side shows part of title of film, 'good night and good luck'with man's face below. European army grows.
How about this double feature – ‘Downfall’ plus ‘Downfall 2 – The Antichrist’?

Under the Ultimate High Command?

It will soon be time for the “plowshares and pruninghooks” of the book of Joel to be made into weapons. Now is the time for us to marshal our own spiritual forces for one last effort before the Rapture. The letter to the last Church age, as it were, says it might be a lonely time. Perhaps less in the way of support from other believers? The challenge of the time is to let the Lord Jesus into all areas of your life. Don’t be tempted to just hide in the pews and make the best of it.

Join a Spiritual Battle Group?

There is no lack of souls needing to be saved, not to mention the fantastic rewards for those who make the Lord’s work their priority. Given responsibility in a truly righteous world government under Christ the King, to reign with Christ Himself. Do you think about this? Is it a motivation for you? It certainly is for me, or you wouldn’t have this website to encourage you!

Pastor Aaron,

Image Credits

1. Frankreich, SS-Grenadier
by Zschäckel, Friedrich, German Federal Archives [CC BY-SA 4.0Creative Commons

3. Dutch SS Poster
By Frans van Immerseel (1909 – 1978) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

4 .Nordic Battle Group flag NBG Flag during the Core Battalion closing ceremony – Fotograf Kalle Bendroth/Försvarsmakten –

5. Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defence minister – Public domain

6. Federica Mogherini –
Union Europea En Perù – From Creative Commons.

7. Panther tanks during the Romanian National Day military parade in 1946.
file from the Wikimedia Commons Source: (Author unknown)

8. Artwork for the Downfall & Good Night and Good Luck episode of the movie podcast Double Feature. From Creative Commons

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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