Waves Roaring Through Europe – Luke 21

Waves Roaring Through Europe

Colored photograph of warship in rough seas. Waves roaring through Europe.

There are waves roaring through Europe and the continent is in an uproar – from France to Britain, from Italy to Germany, disunity and strife. Is this a sign that the united Europe experiment is doomed or is this a storm before a deadly calm? Or, in other words, will the prophesied cure be worse than the European complaint?

Waves Roaring Through Europe – France

Colored photograph of  people wearing dark clothes with yellow safety vests. Clouds of tear gas and tall apartments in background. Waves roaring through Europe.le weari
A perfectly normal day in Paris under Macron’s presidency.

France has been in an uproar for months. The two yellow vests that are a mandatory safety feature in every registered vehicle have found a new use. Emmanuel Macron is under siege, huge taxes for the bankers’ climate change scam being the last straw with many French voters.

There has been an extremely violent response from some police. This is an ominous sign that the globalist elite are feeling pressured. Some evidence exists that these are, in fact, paid mercenary thugs from outside France. Macron still claims to be a patriot but it seems no-one in France is convinced.

Waves Roaring Through Europe – Germany

The German people have also witnessed the heavy hand of political oppression. Antifa assailants were responsible for almost beating to death conservative politician, Frank Magnitz (current condition unknown). The German military have obviously been finding Angela Merkl’s policies in conflict with their national oath. Some have accused the German military of plotting to take down the government. This time two hundred German SAS commandos are alleged to have been planning an intervention. It seems highly unlikely that they planned attacks on immigrants, but an attempt to remove the government is plausible. However, European integration continues with a closer agreement on military ties recently signed by France and Germany.

Colored photograph of man wearing grey hooded jacket, dark trousers and a yellow safety vest. Also black nose and mouth mask. Waves roaring through Europe.
George Soros is not the only one who can organize a color revolution.

Waves Roaring Through Europe – Britain

The saga of Brexit continues with accusations that it will be a break in name only. Technically, Britain is set to be more deeply ensnared by the European Union. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has ‘screamed’ that there would be no negotiation. However, a delay and even another vote has been called for at the time of writing this post.

As with Merkl and Macron, Theresa May seems to be ignoring her electorate completely. Signs of an evolving police state are obvious. Note, for instance, the way that certain operatives have intimidated the aged parents of the organizers of the British Yellow Vest anti-E.U. movement. The globalist elite are not hiding the fact that they want total control.

Waves Roaring Through Europe – Italy

Colored photograph of a gray-blue French police four-wheeled armored car. Buildings and people in background. Waves roaring through Europe.
French police usually demand respect, but perhaps they’re not the ones controlling these armored cars.

Italy’s new government has been firm in demanding its rights within the E.U. The prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has been successful in restricting the dangerous ‘open door’ immigration policies enacted by Merkl and the E.U. leadership. Prime Minister Conte has the Italian Central Bank in his sights, which could put him in grave danger. History may repeat itself through the globalist eltite’s terrorist operatives. The Antifa of yesteryear, the Red Brigades, assassinated one former Italian prime minister, Aldo Moro. This was because he had refused to de-industrialize Italy.

Jump Aboard the New Ark?

The Bible pictures the coming upheavals in the human race as a stormy sea. People will become faint with fear in the near future as the judgments of the Tribulation come into effect. Perhaps it is even those whom the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed who are pictured as a crystal sea before God’s throne in the book of Revelation.

But who will calm the waves roaring through Europe?

The Bible pictures Antichrist as coming out of the sea, so it is clear he will be a human. And with great cunning and his ‘military god’ he will reign for a short time. Of course, those with their ticket booked for the new ark, the Body of Christ, will easily ride out the storm in heaven.

So, if you know you can never drown in this storm, why don’t you dedicate more of your time to being a lifesaver? And the life vest to throw them is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Image Credits

1. Gilet Jaune Protest Movement (Yellow Vests) Paris, 08/12/18 – Gilets jaunes “acte 4” Gaz lacrymogène. // Tear gas by Olivier Ortelpa on Flickr

2. Paris Yellow Vest Protester by Marco Verch on Flickr

3. Nation/Defense days, Esplanade des Invalides, Paris, France, September 24-25, 2005
David Monniaux ], from Wikimedia Commons

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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