France in Prophetic Scriptures?

Marine Le Pen Splits Europe

Whether she wins or not, Marine Le Pen has split Europe with her call for French independence. Later in this post, we will answer the question, “Is France in prophetic scriptures?” Colored photograph of Marine Le Pen on a dais at a political rally, with right arm outstretched and French flags in the background. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

The non-elected European Parliament has severely undermined the independence of European nations with regulations about

  • trade
  • environmental issues
  • national security
  • open borders

    These regulations and the way that the globalists have deliberately encouraged the recent, uncontrolled migration from the Middle East and Africa, are bringing France to its knees.

    The French people have had enough and have responded to Marine Le Pen’s call for the preservation of this Western nation.

    And, more importantly, it has exposed the European Union’s globalist plan.Colored photograph of European Parliament Building with flags of European countries in the front. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

    In the past, France has put a high priority on remaining independent. Breaking with NATO, France pursued her own nuclear weapons program and has a modern and powerful military.

    France’s pre-war colonies in North Africa were lost due to calls for indigenous independence but France has attempted to maintain good relations with former colonies.

    However, the globalists,led by Merkel, are exploiting these overseas links, in their efforts to destroy social cohesion.


    Colored photograph of  group of heavily armed policemen on a road or plaza. One of them is grabbing a civilian by the arm. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

    Yet now that Marine Le Pen is conducting an election campaign directly against the European Union, the globalists cannot hide their agenda.

    She has exposed the fact that Angela Merkel will be the default leader of France, if Le Pen loses. Either through the banking agent, Macron or directly through the European Parliament.

    Nations like Poland and Hungary have also been outspoken against E.U. policies, especially open-door immigration and Britain has openly withdrawn from the E.U.

    The globalists’ plan for a ten region world government is now under threat.

    France in prophetic scriptures: Bound with Europe

    Satan is behind this ploy, to try to thwart the coming Lord Jesus Christ with a demonically ruined and rebellious earth. He will fail, but it is prophesied that he will try to make it happen.

    This means that Satan is close to using his secret weapon, the “Man of Sin” – the Antichrist – who will unite lost humanity.

    France in prophetic scriptures: Under Antichrist’s rule

    He will rule from the area of the ancient Roman Empire, which is modern-day Europe. France was a part of the Roman Empire and, at the time, was called Gaul.

    Although the Bible does not specifically name France , it does refer to Europe. France in prophetic scriptures is integrally linked with Europe and, for this reason, the May 2017 French election is of great significance.

    The Antichrist must be on earth today, but Christians will not see him revealed. Scripture is clear that the Church will be taken to heaven in the Rapture, before the Antichrist begins his Tribulation reign.

    So, for the Christians, we’re safe and in the Savior’s hands.

    But what about the people who don’t know the Savior?

    Can we do anything to help them?

    We certainly can, and here is one suggestion.

    There are nursing homes full of old people who would love to be visited. You don’t even need to visit in pairs because it is a safe environment.Or you may have an elderly neighbor in your street.
    Colored photograph of young woman sitting on brick garden edging beside an elderly man. Is France in prophetic scriptures?

    These elderly folk know that things today aren’t good. They know how it used to be.

    Make time to befriend and visit a person in a nursing home or chat with your elderly neighbor and share with that person about the Savior.

    Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

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    Marine Le Pen : By Blandine Le Cain (Meeting 1er mai 2012 Front National) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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