A new eugenics – killing the sick and vulnerable?

Charlie Gard refused treatment – evidence of a new eugenics?

Is the latest attack on parental rights a sign of a new eugenics?

Black and white passport portrait photograph of Josef Mengele, with mustache and dark hair, wearing dark suit and tie.A new eugenics.
Nazi Eugenicist Doctor Josef Mengele

Young baby, Charlie Gard, has died after British and European Union courts denied him treatment in the United States.

Though his parents raised over one million British pounds , their wishes to have Charlie given experimental treatment were overruled. Not only that, little Charlie was not even allowed to die at home.

Was this some kind of mistake or can poor little Charlie be counted among the many victims of a new eugenics?

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Rapture Rap. Is the Rapture a Good Thing?

Is the Rapture a good thing? If you really , I mean, really understand the state of the world today, you would be hoping that there is a way out. Politically and technologically, there is no way out because the Tribulation is about God’s demand for holiness in His Universe.

After the Lord closes the Church Age, He will send judgments on the earth for 7 years. But the members of Christ’s Church, having been forgiven, will escape God’s wrath.A colored illustration representing the Lord Jesus Christ descending from Heaven and believers being caught up in the clouds. Is the Rapture a good thing?

Is the Rapture a good thing? There’s a rescue plan because the Church is not appointed to wrath and that’s a really good thing!

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Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? Psalm 83?

Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal?

Should Israel be worried about another arms sale to the Middle East?

Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Minister, has publicly expressed concern, as have other ministers in the Israeli Government.Is Israel Worried About Saudi Arms Deal? A colored photograph of President Trump and Melania Trump, wearing a long magenta dress with cape, and Saudi King and other officials wearing white robes .

President Trump, hoping to stabilize the region and increase American employment in the process, has agreed to America once again arming Saudi Arabia.

Israel previously asked the U.S. not to sell F-15E fighter-bomber planes to the Saudis, but the U.S. went ahead anyway.
Israel also asked Egypt, with whom they had a long-standing peace agreement, why she needed such a large army.

Do you see a consistent theme here?

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Spiritual Battle Group

Why form a spiritual battle group?

There are far too many evil wars for profit, so let’s all get involved in a spiritual battle group and “fight the good fight”!

Colored photograph of an infantryman holding an assault rifle.Symbolic of Spiritual Battle Group member
Gung-ho for lost souls.

For a Christian, nothing is more exciting than helping to bring a person to salvation. In God’s strength, we can help others throw off the binds of death in sin under Satan’s grip.

Now we know that the gospel is the focal point of the attack, we need to gather our forces and , especially in our youth,
make war continuously for the souls of the lost.

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