Meet Gog? – Ezekiel 38-39

Meet Gog? – With His New Toys

Colored photomontage of Vladimir Putin in bomber cockpit surrounded by images of warplanes and tanks with a multi-colored spotlight background. Meet Gog?

As the world appears to be deliberately distracted by the pandemic, do we meet Gog?
President Vladimir Putin could now be the leader of Russia for years to come. He has been very active, trying to keep Russia as a military superpower. Can we now identify Putin as “the prince of Roth, Meshech and Tubal” in Ezekiel chapters 38-39?

Meet Gog? – Russian Parliament Submits?

Colored photograph of a jet bomber from the underside. Blue sky. white aircraft. Meet Gog?
Tu-160 – the world’s largest supersonic heavy bomber now back in production.

The news and our everyday lives have focused around the corona virus, but other important things are happening. The Russian Parliament has made important changes that could allow Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036! If he chooses to do so and nothing happens to unseat him in the meantime, Putin could well be the leader called Gog that the Bible predicts .

Since the planned collapse of Russian communism, Putin has gained great power in Russia. He could really be described as a prince (Ezekiel 38:3) rather than an elected leader.

Princely and Expensive Toys

The Russian armed forces, once decaying, are now again strengthening. Flexing its muscles, Putin showed the world in Syria that he means business. He destroyed the great bulk of the globalist mercenaries called ISIS, saving many Orthodox believers. In doing so, he was able to practise with his potent Sukhoi fighterbombers and the world’s largest supersonic heavy bombers. This action is in keeping with the historical precedents of the Russian czars being protectors of the Orthodox Faith.

Colored photograph of a dark green tank  in a parade with building behind. Meet Gog?
Russia has won the race for a fifth generaion tank – T-14 Armata

In nuclear weapons, Russia is still a world leader. Her recent advances have made nuclear arms control treaties redundant, as Putin shows he is a force to be reckoned with. For many years, military designers suggested that tanks with remote gun turrets would be the next generation of weapons. Under Putin, Russia has been the first to produce a fifth generation tank, the Armata, with remote turret and the crew in the hull under maximum armor.

Gog’s Dangerous Baggage – Sin

However, the Russian military reflects a weakening Russian society. It is known for its violence and homicidal brutality. Beatings and injuries are even maiming some recruits for life. Being a conscript army, the Russian army lacks discipline and is resisting attempts at reform. At the end of World War Two the then Soviet army was infamous because ot the rape and looting the soldiers committed. Will it be again? We read in the book of Joel that Gog’s army is punished because of the great evil it will commit.

Justice Withheld

Black and white photograph of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,  dark hair and beard ,  white shirt. Meet Gog?
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was extremely troubled by his fellow countrymen’s complete lack of interest in the criminal murders of the Soviet State

Many Jews who now live in Israel have actually emigrated from Russia. Under the Russian czars and also under communism, many Jews suffered persecution and organized massacres, ‘pogroms’. Yet the Russian communists have even perpetrated great evil on their own people.

Political dissident, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote a book called Gulag Archipelago. The name compares slave labor camps within Russia to a pattern of little, separate islands. Solzenitsyn lamented that the world and his own country had forgotten the Gulag’s 20 million or so victims. The justice system has not avenged those responsible for the disappearance of those millions. Sadly, the later generations have no interest and government officials are actually destroying records!

Divine Reckoning

We can be certain that the antisemitism, and the tortures and murders of millions in the Gulag slave labor camps, have not escaped the notice of Heaven.

While the war-mongering globalists may have created the powerful regimes of God-hating socialism, they will not go unpunished. God also rejects the state religion, the Russian Orthodox Church because like Roman Catholicism, the Russian Orthodox religion replaces faith with works. Crazy with sin, Gog will lead his confederation against Israel and be destroyed.

Meet Gog? – You Won’t!

Thankfully, we in the genuine Church, will depart in the Rapture before these Tribulation woes. This is a wonderful deliverance to be grateful for in these ‘less’ difficult times of lockdown. But it could still be very hard at the moment for some of the believers who are following this ministry.

Time to cling to the Savior and wait for His deliverance.

This is the path that the Lord has designed for us, so seek Him in all things.

Remember, we’ve signed on to the Lord’s plan and He will see it through. This includes our personal deliverance in all situations and defeating sin on the earth. And, of course, seek the Lord as to where you can serve Him in these difficult times.

Image Credits

1. President Putin in TU-160 Bomber – Konsomokskaya Pravda
2. Tupolev Tu-160 Bomber Vitaly V. Kuzmin“>- CC BY-SA 4.0“>
3. Russian Army T-14 Armata tank Vitaly V. Kuzmin“>. – CC BY-SA 4.0“>Creative Commons license
4. Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn – Verhoeff, Bert / Anefo / CC0

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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