The Trump Reprieve – How Long? Isaiah 45:1

The Trump Reprieve – Peaked?

9-square grid with 3 identical colored photographs of President Trump in the middle row . Top row has colored photographs of Xi Jinping, Angela Merkl, Vladimir Putin. Bottom row has colored photographs of Ayatollah Khamenei,Kim Jong Un,Justin Trudeau. Trump Reprieve.With great victories domestically and internationally, the Trump reprieve has the globalists reeling. President Trump has breathed life into the terminally ill United States’ economy and his North Korea diplomacy has been truly stupendous. But what might bring the Trump reprieve to a halt sooner, other than actual assassination (which is still possible) is the globalist influence that permeates the world. So, do we see the Trump effect as a lasting victory or as a reprieve from God?

Layers of Betrayal

Through the 20th century till now the world has been engineered to accept a one world government. With international finance a monopoly, it is just a steady game of binding nations together. Treaties, trade deals, a global philosophy helped by the internet and universities, environmental consensus – all have a new world order in view. When the Soviet Union was allowed to collapse in 1991, it joined the International Monetary Fund, following the plan.

Colored photograph of Dennis Rodman, with goatee beard and moustache and nose and ear piercings. He is wearing a blue baseball cap and shiny blue jacket. Trump Reprieve.
A tall photo of a very tall man. International hero for peace, Dennis Rodman, hindered by globalist intrigue.
There was a fantastic insight into this often invisible reality in the recent interview with Dennis Rodman. In tears, Rodman revealed, on nationwide TV, that Kim Jong Un had used him for years to communicate to President Barack Obama that he wanted peace!
But, like most U.S. presidents in modern history, Obama was a globalist agent and had not received orders to change the status quo. The Trump reprieve is so successful because President Donald Trump refuses to play the predetermined game. Instead he has been ripping up unconstitutional treaties and serving the nation’s people.

The Bankers’ Bullies

Communist China is a creation of the globalists and controls North Korea. Now quite the rogue nation itself, China has given permission for Trump’s diplomacy. It will help lessen the United States’ excuse to have armed forces based so close. Trump is probably betting that he can still rein in Chinese influence with superior, even Space-based weapons, and save money in the process. This is a very dangerous game, as the U.S. needs to be ‘weaned off’ its need for the military industrial complex. But it must also keep the right strategic balance in the face of a genuine threat from the Communist Chinese.

Black and white photograph of General Eisenhower in in  dark uniform with  various military regalia. Trump Reprieve.
Soon to be President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. In his farewell presidential speech he warned America of the growing power of the military industrial complex.

Financing opposing nations for war and making vast profits in the process is now not enough for the globalists.

Their real leader, Satan, has got them trying to recreate Babel, creating huge migrations of people that have never been seen outside world war or ancient times. Using ‘political correctness’ to silence all dissent, even jail in so-called free nations (Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom), the globalists are reacting fast. The Trump reprieve is pushing in the opposite direction – borders, sovereignty, healthy trade as opposed to ‘free trade’ one way trade deceptions.


From Shinar till Today

If there was time to so mix the nations that there would be no distinguishable people groups, anarchy rather than war would ensue. But the Bible is clear that there will be wars between nations during the Tribulation. The Trump reprieve is holding the line for the nations to be judged. We can be sad about it only being a reprieve before the Rapture. But it is helping to give many of us a workable environment in which to keep communicating the gospel. It is also giving fallen man a very clear picture of the reality of good and evil in the world, that many may repent and find Christ.

Do What You Can – Now!

To call Trump a kind of new Cyrus is not wrong. Trump has undermined ‘new’ Babylon, the globalist elite finance cabal, which strongly relates to what we term ‘commercial Babylon’ in the book of Revelation. The Master is coming and His rewards are with Him. I know you could be in difficult circumstances, many young people are.
But the Lord Jesus knows all your struggles. Colored photograph of  a man and two young men standing with heads bowed. Trump Reprieve.And if we can only pray (never to be underestimated) and desire to do more than is open to us, we will still be rewarded. Because that is the gracious and righteous King that we serve.

Pastor Aaron,
Prophecy for Youth Ministry

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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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