Blame Game – Daniel 7:8

Blame Game – Downfall of a National Leader?

Colored photographs of Chinese President in suit, Corona virus illustration and President of USA in suit. Blame Game.

Corona virus is spreading and the blame game begins. The virus came from Wuhan, China, but China blames the United States. Bats are getting the blame from those who don’t want to talk about bio-weapons. But has the whole event brought us all closer to God’s time of judgment? Xi Jinping has the advantage now, but will it bring about his downfall?

Blame Game – Trump

President Trump is always the target for the globalist agents and their creation: Communist China. “He acted too slowly” some claim, as traitors in the government refused to quarantine people entering the country. But Trump ‘smells a bat’ and has had second thoughts about a continual lock-down of the economy. Surrounded by globalist agents, the President can always be given the wrong advice.

Wuhan Woes

Colored photograph of a brown bat hanging upside down. Green leafy background. Blame Game
“I didn’t do it!”

With the Chinese economy on the edge of disaster, releasing the Covid-19 virus was to the Communists’ advantage. A softening up of the world economy for further Chinese economic penetration could only be good for this situation.

But it was also good short term. Wuhan is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The virus ‘lock-down’ also suppressed rising protests against the central Chinese government.

Colored photograph of the sign at Nallin Farm Gate at Fort Dietrick. Black sign with white writing, and emblem, on red brick base. Blame Game.
Move along, move along – nothing to see here…

Blame Game – Superpowers Sparring

China’s claims of U.S. involvement with the Corona virus may have some truth about it . The globalists have long played the game of building up enemies to further their goals. For instance, some have claimed that there is a direct link to Fort Dietrick, Maryland, home of American biological warfare research. As revealed in my M.I.R.V. tech article, during the Clinton/Obama administrations, much military technology was illegally transferred to China.

Blame Game – Threat Exaggerated?

I have no doubt that Covid-19 is a very real and serious problem. However, another world-wide depression, caused by the lock-down, would also be a real and serious problem. Millions died of starvation in the Great Depression of 1929, an engineered theft of the wealth of citizens by the banking elite.

Black and white photograph of a man in top hat and tails on tall, stone steps with a lady and man in background. Blame Game.
Think they wouldn’t destroy the world economy to get their Satanic global government? In top hat and tails for treason – Paul Warburg, architect of the 1929 crash that caused the Great Depression.

Good government seeks the best balance for the good of the nation. As in a medical triage, one must aim for the best outcome for all concerned.

Now, in Italy, there have been particular factors as to why the death toll from Covid-19 has been so great. They have a high proportion of elderly people and we know that the elderly and those with pre-existing serious medical problems are most at risk from Covid-19. Also, many Italian households are multi-generational so the young working members come home and infect the older generation.

Corona Mutations?

The globalists have much to gain from a deliberate release of the Corona virus. From the World Health Organization and the United Nations gaining more power, to governments curtailing civil liberties, the grab for control continues. Will we see a world-wide cashless society introduced in this emergency with increased digital surveillance, such as that used in Taiwan? This is a clear rehearsal of technology to be used under the Antichrist. Bill Gates has even previewed a quantum-dot tattoo numbering system to go with Big Pharma’s coming, fortune-making cure. And the corporate world wil be demanding compensation, adding to the spiralling debt crisis.

Tribulation talent?

If Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, ordered the release of the Corona virus then he has certainly caused havoc in the global economy. But, in China itself, the people will not take the same abuse from the Communist government that they once would. Many intelligent and resourceful Chinese are now free to criticize from outside China.

Xi’s brutal treatment of the population has been noticed. Will the Chinese people reject Xi in the near future for a charismatic world leader from Europe?

In Daniel 7:8 the little horn begins his reign with three other horns being “plucked out by the roots”. A horn represents a regional power or an individual that represnts a regional power. This “little one” is the Beast or the Antichrist. We read about him and his enemies in Daniel 11:36 onwards. These are : the “king of the South”, “the king of the North” and what is termed “news from the east and the north”. The latter, I believe, refers to “the kings of the east” led by China.

If these enemies are the three horns that will be removed, there will seemingly be a time when China will not be a threat. This is important because China has the most potential to challenge Antichrist. During the Tribulation, many Chinese people will reject God’s warning, take the mark and worship the Beast. Therefore it is safe to assume that the Chinese leadership will be in submission to Antichrist at that time. A situation where China is even actually leaderless would align with the prophetic text and Xi Jinping may have just engineered his own coming demise.

Multiply the ‘Cure’!

The gospel is the prescription unto salvation. We may have to practice ‘social distancing’ for a while, but this shouldn’t interfere with your prayer life.

How about a gospel tract for your neighbours to read?

A phone call to those without your hope – afraid and depressed?

Young people, you know how to connect, so make a connection for the Lord Jesus.

The Corona virus pandemic is helping bring about the Tribulation environment for the future, but only the Rapture should stop our fight for precious souls.

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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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