When in Rome? Roman History and Daniel 9:26

When in Rome?  The extent of anti-Christ’s empire.

Colored photograph of men dressed as Roman soldiers parading in front of the public. Brown building in background. When in Rome?
We know a new ‘Roman’ leader, the Antichrist, is coming, but when in Rome? When in Rome, as in what period of Rome’s history does the Bible refer to? The old Roman Empire had many forms, borders changed, so when in Rome? Some recent world events have got me thinking that we may have some new clues.

When in Rome?  Italia versus Gomer.

The Roman Empire lasted for over a thousand years. At one stage it was divided in two, something prophesied in the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It would be helpful to know if the Bible has a time in Roman history for us to pinpoint. That would allow us to better understand how the world will align itself before the Tribulation. So, if Scripture does imply a particular time in Roman history, as it specifies the kingdom of the prince, it gives us a picture for today.

Roman does imply Italian, but Italy has recently moved away from the European Union over the issue of immigration. Distancing itself from the European Union is similar to rebuffing Germany. France (Gaul) is very close politically to Germany, but grassroots support is extremely low. However, Germany was never part of the Roman Empire. They were never able to subdue the Germanic tribes.

Colored picture of 8-wheeled missile carrier with missile carrying tubes positioned vertically at rear. Green trees and green and red truck in background. When in Rome?
I know they look about as exciting as stacked garbage cans, but this is one of the most potent anti-aircraft systems. The missiles are in the cans, silly…

When in Rome?  Divided Loyalties.

Turkey has greatly desired to be part of the E.U. and still may attain membership of it. But the debacle about the purchase of the S-400 Russian missile system has caused problems with the United States of America, and therefore NATO. Turkey is now seen as untrustworthy and will not receive the high-tech F-35 Stealth Fighters. This may not hinder entrance to the E.U., as Turkey (Asia Minor) was part of the Roman Empire.

However, Turkey (Togarmah) will have divided loyalties. Will Turkey be last to join, first to leave? There are different levels of influence within the E.U., and Turkey will be on the outer. Perhaps the time she will join Russia (Gog), Germany (Gomer) and Iran (Persia), in attacking Israel, as prophesied in Ezekiel chapter 38?

When in Rome?  Italia Resurgent

I believe that the picture of Rome that the Bible infers could well be the Roman Empire at the time of Christ. This will mean Turkey will at the very least join the E.U. This is likely because the E.U. could play Turkey off against the U.S.A.
Germany will probably wane due to the suicidal migrant policies and join with Russia to attack Israel during the Tribulation.

But it is Italy’s new, strong leadership, which could be a sign of a weakening Germany in Europe.

Just look at the state of her military!

Colored photograph of 2 jet aircraft separating in the air above a military base. Big white fluffy clouds near the planes. When in Rome?
Ah, the F-35, called ‘Lightning’. But it’s slower (must mean ball lightning) & invisible to radar, it’s claimed. Will it actually be reliable in battle, though?

A populist uprising in France (‘Yellow Vests’?) and then an aligning with a resurgent Italy, is the sign we should look for. Are we seeing this now?

When in Rome?  Britannia in the Mix

Of great interest as well, on a similar theme, Britain was only invaded in 43 A.D. This was during the reign of the Emperor Claudius. So, if the theory is correct, it would be the pattern of the Roman Empire while Jesus Christ was on earth. This means Britain will achieve some kind of Brexit, as it was not part of the Roman Empire at that time.

The Ezekiel 38 reference to “merchants of Tarshish” would seem to be about a continuation of British sea power protecting oil interests. With the recent launching of the aircraft carriers H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth and H.M.S. Prince of Wales, Britain can truly fulfill this prophecy of projected sea and air power in the Middle East.

Colored illustration of 2 warships on the ocean with a gray, misty sky. When in Rome?
From the navy that defeated Napoleon and lifted the Siege of Malta. Only the Lord will win against Gog.

Constant Islamic aggression against Israel has been with us since the founding of the state in 1948. However, these geopolitical alignments within the E.U. and between Russia, China and the U.S. have no real precedent. They are the final maneuverings of the nations before the Tribulation. There is no prophesied reversal or repetition of these alignments. The Bible does comment on the ‘two’ returns of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, so we would expect the Bible to inform us if these global alignments were to reverse again.

Who is on the Lord’s side?

Make no mistake, it is happening now. Time to seek the Lord for wisdom. Time to discern where and why the Lord has positioned us as individual saints. Where are the opportunities to share? Where can we build relationships for the gospel? How can we use our talents and interests to build bridges for Christ?

Don’t be tempted to just ‘play church’. The Body of Christ was always designed to be interacting with the world. Never to interact in a way that leads to sin. But as a glimpse, a fragrance, a living testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Image Credits

1.Roman soldiers by Claudio Lombardi from Pixabay
2.S-400 Missile System by Vitaly V. Kuzmin [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]
3.F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter arrives at Edwards by United States Air Force
4.HMS Queen Elizabeth & HMS Prince of Wales Photographer: BVT Surface Fleet
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/© BVT Surface Fleet
Photographer: BVT Surface Fleet

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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