God’s Final Warning?

God’s Final Warning? – Trump At The U.N.

Could this speech really be God’s final warning?
The address delivered by President Trump at the United Nations certainly had the content of a divine warning.

Colored photograph of President Donald Trump giving a speech with right hand raised. Below are 3 identical pictures of the United Nations General Assembly lectern. This is gold in color with the United Nations symbol on it.

As I have discussed previously, the Lord does not need to use only the saved to bring about His will.

Whether the President is a genuine believer or just respectful of American Christian values, he has been moved to speak.

I believe this because of two of the main points that President Trump made in his speech and the venue where he chose to argue them.


God’s Final Warning to the Globalists?

Firstly, the speech was a direct call to end globalism.

Since the Tower of Babel, God has thwarted any attempts at world government.

In the book of Daniel, God tells us how He has brought down the major powers of history.

U.S. General Wesley Clark gave the game away when he revealed that the U.S. Armed Forces were training to overthrow seven Middle Eastern regimes.

Colored photograph of U.S. General Wesely Clark in a camouflage uniform addressing a NATO meeting. God's Final Warning?
Gerneral Wesley Clark knows all about European security
This was the start of the planned ‘peaceful invasions’ of Europe in the guise of war refugees.

Only a small minority are displaced by war. The U.N. is actively encouraging and facilitating unrestricted immigration as a weapon.

World government is an Antichrist concept , hence the attack on the West with its Judaeo-Christian culture.

God’s Final Warning to the Enemies of Israel?

Secondly, the president of the United States gave a challenge to the enemies of Israel.
Colored photograph of Israeli flag flying on hilltop at sunset. God's Final Warning.

By including Iran, with a veiled reference to Saudi Arabia, President Trump was saying that, if it was in his power, Islam would not succeed in destroying Israel.

I believe it was a challenge directed to Saudi Arabia because he mentioned human rights. The Saudis have been working through the United Nations to try and enact a global blasphemy law, having the power to have infidels (people who reject and resist Islam) deported to their country for punishment!

Awash with oil money, the Saudis support terrorism and exert political influence around the world, as they wait for an opportunity to destroy Israel.

God’s Final Warning About the New World Order?

Thirdly, for President Trump to say such things at the United Nations is a clear communication to all enemies of God.

The original League of Nations morphed into the U.N. before it was even officially started. American politicians had rejected the League of Nations after World War 1, as they knew it was set up to destroy national sovereignty.

The U.N. was always designed to be a world government, even to have its own permanent armed forces as the nations allowed their armies to be disbanded.

Colored photograph of United Nations Headquarters with seven national flags blowing in the wind. God's Final Warning?
Usually united in rebellion
With its sister organizations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the U.N. encourages financial theft from sovereign governments, corporate monopolies, along with growing wealth for the elite and growing poverty for the rest.

God has limited the power of the U.N. but will allow it to self-destruct in the seven-year tribulation.

An End-times’ Reminder to Believers

President Trump’s speech to the United Nations is a clear warning to believers as well.

Is it God’s final warning?

There is an unbiblical distortion of Christianity that only talks of world poverty, the environment, personal freedom, etc.

Colored photograph of a framed certificate of corporate membership of a church in  the League of Nations.  It contains  an illustration of  a  female figure, with scales in one hand and sword in the other, symbolically  representing justice. God's Final  Warning.
Christianity has a sad history of supporting unbiblical causes
But the Lord has called us share the gospel, not attempt to put pathetic ‘band-aids’ on a doomed planet.
The globalists and Satan, who is behind them, encourage this powerless Christianity. (You don’t want to help the globalists – they are liars who hate humanity).

The power that they fear is the power that God commands us to use: gospel power from the Word of God.

Use it or you’ll lose the opportunity to earn great reward from the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

Image Credits

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Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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