Apocalypse Acronym – Rev 6:8

Apocalypse Acronym – Communists Get MIRV

Panoramic artwork of a cityscape with clouds and nuclear mushroom in background. Orange capital letters M.I.R.V. superimposed. Apocalypse Acronym.

For the first time in the seventy years since the Chinese Revolution, China has displayed weapons featuring what I call the ‘Apocalypse Acronym’. On October 1st, 2019, China presented to the world, missiles using M.I.R.V. technology, on their multi-wheeled launch vehicles. The globalists have quite a history of supplying weapons’ technology to the enemies they have created and financed. Is this yet another reckless, criminally insane betrayal of the free world?

What is MIRV?

Colored photograph of 10 charcoal gray conical nuclear warheads on white circular base. Beige background. Apocalypse Acronym.
Chocolate cone, anyone? What you would see under the missile cone of the new Chinese ICBM. Each one can hit a different city.

MIRV stands for Multiple, Independently targetable, Re-entry, Vehicles. Just one of these missiles, with up to twenty warheads, can smash just as many cities if it breaches a nation’s defenses. Missiles are hard to stop; they even use decoys. This was why, during the Cold War, the strategy was called M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Destruction. Or, in other words, “you can kill me, but you’ll die as well.”

Apocalypse Acronym – Tiny Spheres

By the beginning of 1960, Communist Russia (USSR) had got as far as it could with captured Nazi missile technology. This is because the next step in missile technology needed extremely accurate, miniature ball bearings. The Bryant Company of New Jersey was the only company in the world to make the machines which could produce these tiny ball bearings. When Russia tried to buy the machines, against strong objections, the relevant United States government agencies allowed the sale to go ahead. In supporting such a treasonous act, they put millions of American citizens at risk.

Apocalypse Acronym – Designer Enemies

The globalists play one side against the other to make profit and, in the end, a one- world government.

For instance, Communist Russia was given the plans and fissionable material to create its first nuclear weapons. After receiving the missile technology, Russia equaled the U.S. in missile numbers and MIRV technology by the late ’70’s.

Colored photograph of olive colored missile on wheeled trolley.White lettering on missile DF-5B. 3 military guards in foreground and heads of parade spectators. Large building with red flags flying and digital screen in background. Apocalypse Acronym.
Ugly missile for an ugly purpose. Helpful communists let you know the model number.

As the globalists were instrumental in the creation of Communist China, it is apparent that they also supplied the regime with nuclear weapons technology.
China sees itself surviving a nuclear war and therefore could dare to launch what they call a ‘first strike.’ Since they have such a huge population, the Chinese Communists see losses merely as a means to an end: the “Chinese Century”. Is there any evidence they were given the ‘Apocalypse Acronym’?

Apocalypse Acronym – Money Talks

In the days before the planned break up of the USSR, MIRV-equipped missiles were actually produced in a factory in Ukraine. In the late 90’s, Chinese agents were identified attempting to steal MIRV technology. At the time, someone also claimed it was a cover story designed to hide the fact that they had actually been sold the technology. Their plan was to graft the MIRV technology onto their own intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Colored photograph of a large gray missile on its side. Muddy foreground. Cloudy sky with light patches. Low buildings and shrubs in background. Apocalypse Acronym.
“How many fortune cookies for the Satan missile?” SS-18 Missile at Ukrainian museum – where they used to make them.

This was reported during the Clinton administration. And it seems it was true, as that is exactly what they have now achieved! Much evidence has recently appeared about U.S. government corruption in the Ukraine. Now the Chinese Communists, the biggest murderers in modern times, have this ‘Apocalypse Acronym’. A God-hating, God-denying regime that has proved itself willing to execute millions of its own, now has the power now to destroy much of the earth’s surface.

Apocalypse Acronym – Sin Debt

For decades there was a state of East/West nuclear tensions. But now the Chinese Communists are the ‘joker in the pack’, as they say. You might remember the great lack of respect they showed President Obama on an official visit.

Although they think they are on the cusp of victory, they will fail.

Yet there will be unimaginable destruction before Messiah puts down all rebellion. The Church age is coming to an end – fast. Everything is showing signs that the civilization we all know is collapsing – by circumstance or design. No hope for those unbiblical prosperity teachings on this planet either. These signs point to the seven-year Tribulation commencing shortly.

Apocalyptic Re-entry!

The Lord Jesus speaks of the necessity of soul winning to please Him – remember “the plow”? It is never a ‘numbers game’, as some people will refuse, but the Lord still desires harvesters.Colored painting of a man in ancient Jewish dress ploughing rocky soil with 2 mules. Stone wall and hills in background. .

Much of the Church lives as though Christ will never return. They reject the prophetic verses as “symbolic only” or “impossible to understand”. Very strange, when quite a large amount is provided with biblical interpretation!

One quarter of scripture is prophecy. And the relevant prophecies for our time are a ‘call to action’! What more does the Lord need to say?

Image Credits

SS-18 Satan Photograph by Clay Gilliland
The Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

CC BY-SA 2.0

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