Better Than Pokemon – Rom 11:25

Better than Pokemon – Hunt for the Last Christian?

Huge inflated yellow Pikachu balloon held above a crowd. Tall building with many windows in background. Better than Pokemon.
A lot of people thought it was fun, but there is something to find that is better than Pokemon. They even brought Mr Bean out of retirement for Pokemon but there is something better to pursue. Some said Pokemon was a test for the globalists to find our location by phone. Quite possible in this increasingly deceptive world. But has the Lord anything in a certain place for believers to seek?

Better Than Pokemon – Ending the Age?

When the Lord Jesus came to earth, He called Israel to repentance. At that time, Israel was under the Law, the Mosaic Law, the law given by God the Father through Moses. But when it was clear that Israel was not united enough in obedience to accept their Messiah, the Lord revealed the next stage of His plan. After His crucifixion and resurrection, He introduced the Church Age or the New Covenant through His apostles.

Now, we are at another point of dramatic change. The Church Age is about to end with the Rapture. But it won’t end until “the fullness of the Gentiles” comes in. What is that? It is the number of new Christians that will make up the total harvest. The Lord, being God, knows this number in advance.

Colored photograph of  yellow Pokemon soft toy seated in front of a map of the world. Better than Pokemon.
Just like Pokemon, the last Christian could be anywhere in the world.

Better Than Pokemon – Your Only Opportunity

But what is better than Pokemon? Just imagine that in your efforts to share the gospel, you end up evangelizing the last one! What a thing to think about when we serve the Lord faithfully. Is there a special reward in heaven for this? Well, it’s not mentioned in the Bible, but the chance to find the last soul certainly is. The Lord is faithful to reward, so all your efforts to share your faith will be recorded. Also, we are told to “hasten the day.”

Better Than Pokemon – Just One – Or More?

There are a lot of people on the earth today – approximately eight billion.
Three or four people might come to faith in Christ at the identical time, but it might be just the one!

Make a Unique Eternal Friend!

Colored photograph of small dolls representing different races in cultural attire with world globe behind them. Better than Pokemon.
…and of course the last Christian could be from any culture.

What a friend for all eternity you’ll make. Just think of it: the moment that person prays a prayer of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ you’re both rocketing through the atmosphere to see the Lord Jesus Himself.

What a thing to experience!

What a way to start eternity!

Want to be involved in the hunt?
I certainly do, and the Lord allows all believers on earth to join in evangelism.

The Lord Jesus said, “Go,” so what are you waiting for?

Image Credits

1. Pikachu Balloon – Ben and Sam on Flickr

2. Pokemon and World Map – klimkin on Pixabay.

3. Different Nationalities

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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