A “Burdensome Stone” – Zechariah 12. Trump Recognizes Jerusalem!

A “Burdensome Stone” – To a Sinful World

Colored photograph of the city of Jerusalem, looking across the Temple Mount to the modern skyline. "Burdensome stone".

United States President, Donald Trump, is contributing to the fulfillment of the “burdensome stone” prophecy in Zechariah 12:3, having made good his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the historic capital of Israel. In announcing this, President Trump has countered the Islamic revisionist claims (falsifying history) and made a clear stand against Islamic political attempts to gain global dominance.

A “Burdensome Stone” – To Oppressors

Colored photograph of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Jewish Temple Mount. Stone building with arches and a dome. "Burdensome stone"
The Al-Aqsa Mosque – used to be the Byzantine Basilica of St Mary

The globalists have pinned their hopes on using so-called political correctness – forbidding criticism – to give Islam dominance in western nations. However, Trump’s declaration has exposed the struggle. A clear clash of cultures will lead to the prophesied war between nations during the Tribulation.

A “Burdensome Stone” – To Falsifiers of History

The truth is that Islam’s attitude to Jerusalem is at best, inconsistent. Jerusalem only grows in importance when the faiths that Islam believes it has superseded – Judaism and Christianity – are concerned. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran.

When there was a desire for a share of the pilgrimage traffic to and from Medina and Mecca, attempts were made to falsify Jerusalem’s religious significance to Islam. During the Crusades, Jerusalem also grew in importance, but only because of the Christian ‘invaders”.

Black and white illustration of 4 Crusader knights on their horses, leading the Crusader army. "Burdensome stone"
The French knights who led the successful crusade.The Crusaders ruled Jerusalem for almost 100 years

In Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, the nation was unable to win back East Jerusalem. In the Six Day War of 1967 Israel did indeed take back her entire capital, but the Jordanians had demolished everything of Jewish importance.

General Moshe Dayan, who believed he understood the Arabs, chose not to destroy the Dome of the Rock shrine or the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. These were structures built to dominate Jews and Christians, but without consultation of his government, Dayan negotiated his own vision of a peace deal with the defeated Arabs.

A “Burdensome Stone” – To the “Kings of the Earth”

And so the Arab world is happy to use the Palestinian situation as a thorn in Israel’s side until her destruction, as the Koran sees it. Islam regards areas already conquered for Allah as property that will always be returned to them, but Israel is proving very resilient.

Turkey’s President Erdogan, deluded into thinking he will be the new Islamic sultan, continually makes threats.

Colored photograph of the rather square and flat roofed Israeli Knesset building with an approach road divided by a black and white median strip planted with bushes. "Burdensome stone"
The Jewish people have no confusion about where their capital is – the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset – in Jerusalem!

Whether it will be a physical attack, ‘political correctness’, antisemitism, a world government, Satanic lust for power, all will be thwarted by that “burdensome stone” and the God who placed it there.

His Burden is Light!

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem is a wonderful event, but also a sign of the calm before the storm.

Remember, that storm is the Tribulation and you will have been raptured beforehand, but many whom you love may still be in their sins.

If you are having trouble with family, don’t be discouraged. So did the Lord Jesus Himself!

  • Pray for and attempt to find a believer who is outside the family, who may have similar interests to your unsaved relation(s) and who is confident in sharing the gospel.
  • If the person does not have a common interest, then brief him or her on any subject or even mindset that is a block to the gospel for that particular relative.
  • Prepare with prayer in your specialized “Spiritual Battle Group” or with other members of your Christian fellowship group.
  • Arrange a situation where the designated Christian person and your relative can meet, without believing family members present.
  • It has worked for me!

    Colored photograph of two women sitting on bench overlooking very blue-looking mountains. "Burdensome stone"
    Arrange time to share the gospel


    Pastor Aaron, Prophecy for Youth

    Image Credits

    By Wayne McLean (Jgritz) (Own work) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
    2.Al-Aqsa Mosque
    Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 4.0
    3.Crusader Knights
    Alphonse de Neuville [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
    4.Knesset building
    By Chris Yunker from St. Louis, United States (Knesset Building) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)],
    via Wikimedia Commons

    Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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