Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10

Future Assyrian – Isaiah 10 – Historical Evil Revived

Colored photograph of stone relief showing ancient Assyrian deity. This is a humanoid with wings and eagle's head. Future Assyrian - Isaiah 10.

One of the names for the Antichrist is “the Assyrian”, but he is the future Assyrian. There are a number of influential world leaders today who come from the area of that ancient empire known as Assyria.

Is the prophecy of a type of person or of the racial origin of the Antichrist? There are two strong leaders today who just might fit these descriptions.

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A “Burdensome Stone” – Zechariah 12. Trump Recognizes Jerusalem!

A “Burdensome Stone” – To a Sinful World

Colored photograph of the city of Jerusalem, looking across the Temple Mount to the modern skyline. "Burdensome stone".

United States President, Donald Trump, is contributing to the fulfillment of the “burdensome stone” prophecy in Zechariah 12:3, having made good his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the historic capital of Israel. In announcing this, President Trump has countered the Islamic revisionist claims (falsifying history) and made a clear stand against Islamic political attempts to gain global dominance.

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God’s Final Warning?

God’s Final Warning? – Trump At The U.N.

Could this speech really be God’s final warning?
The address delivered by President Trump at the United Nations certainly had the content of a divine warning.

Colored photograph of President Donald Trump giving a speech with right hand raised. Below are 3 identical pictures of the United Nations General Assembly lectern. This is gold in color with the United Nations symbol on it.

As I have discussed previously, the Lord does not need to use only the saved to bring about His will.

Whether the President is a genuine believer or just respectful of American Christian values, he has been moved to speak.

I believe this because of two of the main points that President Trump made in his speech and the venue where he chose to argue them.

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