Relay Evangelists – Revelation 7

The Lord’s Relay Evangelists – Church Passes the Baton

Black and white photograph of 2 women passing a baton during a relay race. Superimposed colored words "CHURCH" and "ISRAEL"  with the baton circled in white. Relay Evangelists.

The world is just so ripe for judgment – time for the Lord’s relay evangelists.
“Who?”, you ask.
Relay evangelists are the group that takes over from the Church. We read all about it in the 7th chapter of the Book of Revelation.

Evangelists – 144,000!

One hundred and forty-four thousand Jewish evangelists will do incredible work during the Great Tribulation. A very exclusive group – male Jewish men who had not known women – kept themselves pure outside marriage. Perhaps they’ll get some opposition from the feminists in the End Times false church…
More evidence of the Rapture of the true Church.
It certainly is and, like all Scripture, when you compare verses, there is such a divine synergy. It all fits together. And, in saying that, I mean that it is logical if you take God at His word.

Window of Opportunity

Colored picture of  section of world map, with a strip of countries highlighted in dark blue. Relay evangelists.
There have been some strange attempts to twist these verses, but it’s a waste of time and here’s why.
During the Tribulation there will be an almost unbelievable breakdown of civilization. For example, take the four horsemen of the Apocalypse : political change, war, famine and disease, death. Transport will be affected, as well as every aspect of the modern lifestyle we take for granted.
Yet, if the Rapture takes place in the next few years, which is highly likely, there will be an area full of unsaved people.
We call this the 10:40 window. This is a strip of land across the lower part of Asia and the top of Africa, where the largest number of unsaved people live.

Walking Distance for Relay Evangelists

It seems most likely that God will send these Jewish men, whom I call the relay evangelists, from Israel. This is because God plans to re-gather the Jews to the land of Israel. And they can just walk from Israel to the 10:40 window! Not having to depend on a ruined transport system, these Jewish evangelists can walk to Asia or Africa.

Legends Come To Life

If you think this seems far-fetched, consider this. There is a tradition that the apostle Thomas – yes, ‘doubting Thomas’ – started churches in India. Modern scholars of history often doubt legends, but, in fact, many are proven to be true.
My old history master used to tell us that in India parents still scare their children, saying, “Xander will get you if you don’t behave.” Who is “Xander”? Alexander the Great, the Greek general, whose great victories and short life are prophesied in the Bible. Ancient man seems to have had a lot less time to read or write fiction.
And, of course, these 144,000 Jewish relay evangelists will be from the twelve tribes of Israel. “But the tribes are lost,” I hear you say. True, yet it is prophesied that they will re-appear in the future.

Colored photograph of a mosaic depicting a man in ancient breastplate on a horse and armed with a spear. Relay evangelists.
Alexander the Great pictured in the act of disciplining naughty Indian children…

Found Through D.N.A.?

There have clearly been great advances in D.N.A. research, and Israel, as usual, is leading the way in this field. The Lord could even be directing this behind the scenes. In any case, the tribes will certainly be revealed. In the book of Zechariah we read of the Jews separating into the tribes to mourn, mourning at the Second Coming of Messiah because they had rejected Him the first time.
But the bottom line for us believers is this. Do not be fooled into thinking that the world will be evangelized before the Rapture. When the Lord Jesus tells His disciples about the end coming after the gospel is preached all over the world, to whom is He speaking? To the Jews, that’s whom. The relay evangelism team of Jews will finish the work.

Relay Evangelists – Anytime Now

So, sit back and just relax?
Not if you want to please the Lord and earn reward. No, we need to be active. Delusion will come to those who are ‘left behind’. And, unlike what it says in the books of that name, many people’s last opportunity for salvation might end when the Rapture of the Church takes place.

Run with the baton while you can!

There are no signs needed before the Rapture can occur. It could happen at any moment now. The Word of God tells us we need to do our best in evangelism. It’s our time now to fight for souls . When the Rapture takes place, the baton will be passed to the other members of the Lord’s relay evangelism team. The Jews will be ready to finish the job.

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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