‘Holy Grails’ for Christian Youth – 2 Peter 3

‘Holy Grails’ for Christian Youth

Colored photograph of flying chair amusement ride illuminated at night and resembling a gold goblet. Family in foreground observing from behind a railing. 'Holy Grails' for Christian Youth.

‘Holy grails’ for Christian youth are things that young people can become obsessed about. Things we can be tempted to pursue without godly discernment.

We are not talking about the medieval legend of the holy grail. That is a myth. The Bible puts no importance on the cup that Christ used at the Last Supper. (or on the other cups that He drank from, for that matter). But things can become like a ‘holy grail’ that we chase recklessly.

‘Holy grails’ for Christian youth are things that the Lord wants you to be balanced and sober-minded about. The Christian life is about priorities and balance. And Satan wants you to be so unbalanced that you’re ineffective in your faith. And he can work behind these things to ensnare or trap you.

‘Holy grails’ for Christian Youth: Rock and Pop Music.

By the 1960’s the globalists were making plans to destroy Western industry to end Judaeo-Christian civilization. But while that Satanic theft was going on, they needed to keep young people amused and ignorant. The United Kingdom has produced more rock bands than anywhere else. Around this time, the British government started closing technical colleges and opening art schools. Tech colleges teach the skills to be part of an industry, to produce things or maintain them. Art schools teach fine arts, but you cannot sustain a free society with that alone.

So all these art schools gave birth to many rock bands. Jobs continued to be lost as the Western nations ran up huge international debt (paying pensions and unemployment benefits but with a shrinking tax base). Was this all planned? It certainly was – by Satan, directing the elite globalists.

Black and white charcoal sketch of a man, balding and bespectacled. 'Holy Grails' for Christian Youth.
Theodor Adorno – a real rock star? I don’t believe he invented rock music but he may have had a great influence on it.

The Beatles, for example, had no original songs until they were ‘discovered’ (created?). Bands take a long time to record their music because they are often also composing it. This gives scope for record companies to have a great influence on the finished product. The coming of ‘Rock’ meant young people now existed for a very slim chance of fame, while good and stable employment was being destroyed by design.

‘Holy Grails’ for Christian Youth: Professional Sport.

As the Romans used to say, “Bread and circuses”. Entertain the people with sport and use borrowed money to keep them from starving. Until it all implodes, of course!

The idea of being a professional sportsperson is spoon-fed to young people from an early age. Since World War Two the media has given sport a huge presence, so much so it has helped governments become unaccountable. Now there is not enough time for the media to report on far more important issues than just sport.

Colored photograph of motorcyclist with blue and white leathers on a matching racing motorcycle. Yellow numbers and helmet. 'Holy Grails' for Christian Youth.
Valentino Rossi – currently perhaps the most famous sportsman. Yet his fans can be very unsportsmanlike. I did buy that helmet – but not in that color.

You may have your favorite sport or team, but if it was to disappear, it really isn’t that important. Very few of us can be professional sportsmen or sportswomen and you are only at your peak for a short time. If the opportunity to find work disappears, however, you are at the mercy of the government to feed, clothe and house you. And, if the government decides they don’t like you or your religious convictions or political views, watch out!

‘Holy Grails’ for Christian Youth: The Internet.

Today we do about 40% of our commerce on the internet. There is no doubt that computerization has taken jobs. Real wealth comes from manufacturing – making things. However, a combination of corporate greed, bad globalist governments and propaganda has sent most manufacturing overseas. By propaganda I mean making factory jobs look undesirable and dead-end. It was deliberate!

Small factories making quality products can be great places to work. Have a look at this video about the MV Agusta motorcycle factory in Italy. Instead of making things, now we just move money around.

Things can look great in the virtual world but they are often a deception. There is sometimes more effort involved for less pay. There is also less job security than in the past. These are the reasons why your parents and grandparents often had better opportunities.

Pray for wisdom about your time on the computer, so you don’t waste precious time to do God’s will face-to-face.

‘Holy Grails’ for Christian Youth: Education.

Now, don’t go to your pastor with this and say, “Pastor Aaron says I should be a dropout.” The Lord wants you to do your best – everything to His glory. This includes your education, but as young Christians, you need to be wise in this rapidly changing world. You should certainly be praying for wisdom about your future.

Some kind of trade skill may well be better in the long run than the huge debt from a University degree that does not lead to a career. It is a very complex issue and I am only really giving you some general principles so you need to ask the right people and get informed.

There is a lot of needless education offered, much of it structured just to keep you off unemployment lists.

Colored photograph of 50 people dressed in blue gowns throwing hats in the air at the graduation ceremony with a large screen and the words  'Gaudeamus igitur' at top. 'Holy Grails' for Christian Youth.
You would want to get better value for your money than just a chance to throw your hat in the air. Like a job perhaps?
There is also a large component of mind control in many courses, worldly philosophies designed to make you think the way the globalists want. You may already be in debt for a degree that was of little use. You may be finding it impossible to obtain reasonably paid work.

Forget the ‘Grails’ – Go for the Prize!

And the reason I am pointing this out is that you can only do your best. That is all that the Lord expects. This is why I say, ” because prophecy affects you most” on the Home Page. There is no doubt about it, you are either the last, or very close to the last, church generation. Being so close to the Rapture means some different challenges.

These challenges can be hard to endure in your youth, but the Lord Jesus is there to give you His grace to overcome. Look at the believers in your congregation. We all age and eventually pass away. The Lord Jesus Christ is the answer to our ultimate needs, overcoming age, disease, death and the sin that causes it all. Be assured you are of great value to the Lord Jesus and He is greatly interested in your well-being. After all, He died for you!

Youth is fleeting even in the best of times, so focus on the Lord’s will for your life because the prophetic word tells us time is short. And the Lord, unlike the world, will reward you faithfully.

Pastor Aaron,

Image Credits

1. Theodor Adorno Portrait by Arturo Espinosa. Charcoal on paper.

2. Valentino Rossi al GP di Laguna Seca del 2009
by Muonzoo

3. Fifty graduates of Alma Mater Europea University
by Topjur01 [CC BY-SA]3.0 from Wikimedia

Pastor Aaron, @YouthProphecy

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